What is an Aura?

Published Date 9/5/2016
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Your aura can reveal so much about you

People often mention auras in casual conversation, but they’re not always clear about what they mean. From seeing auras to understanding them, there’s plenty to learn about these entities. Discover what different auras mean and how you can begin to see them yourself.

What is an Aura?

On an essential level, an aura is the magnetic field that surrounds each living being. Each person has their own aura that reflects their personal energy and affects their ability to connect with others. Most people have an aura that envelops them with about a 3-foot radius, but people who have endured trauma and tragedy often have larger auras.

Instead of a single entity, an aura is made of seven different layers that interrelate and form a relatively cohesive body. The layers reflect physical, emotional, rational, astral, and divine components of each person.

Aura Colors

You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to sense aura colors, but a level of extrasensory perception can certainly help you understand auras better. Auras are generally one of a handful of hues that span the rainbow. Following are some of the most common aura colors and their meanings.

  • Red: This color signals enthusiasm and energy, as well as physical and emotional strength. People with red auras tend to be passionate and straightforward.
  • Orange: An orange aura indicates a generous, extroverted soul. People with orange auras are often passionate and confident, traits that often help them attain success.
  • Yellow: A yellow aura typically signals logic and intelligence. People with yellow auras tend to work hard and be highly perceptive.
  • Green: This hue signals a creative and hardworking soul who balances beauty and practicality. People with green auras tend to be imaginative yet determined in all areas of life.
  • Blue: A blue aura indicates a person who excels at both verbal and written communication. People with blue auras tend to be both intelligent and intuitive.
  • Purple: This hue usually signals psychic communications and high levels of mental and emotional sensitivity. People with purple auras are generally in tune with the world around them.
  • Gold: This typically reveals an artistic sense and a charismatic soul. People with gold auras tend to be attractive and thrive when showered with admiration and affection.
  • White or Silver: These colors indicate abundance, awakening, and wisdom. Since people with white or silver auras tend to be highly gifted, they are often attractive as well.
  • Black: The most negative auric shade, black reveals hatred or depression. Take care around people with black auras, since this color signals destruction.

How to See Auras

Though you might not be able to see a person’s aura at first, you can almost certainly sense it. You can attribute the magnetic or repulsive feeling you get when you first meet a person to his or her aura. With time, however, you can learn to see auras, which can help you better understand the people around you.

Start by sensing how a person makes you feel, and then try using your peripheral vision to see the aura. With time, you should be able to identify the colors of a person’s aura, which will glow more brightly the more energetic they are.

For insight into the auras of your loved ones and those around you, a chat with a psychic online can clear up simple misunderstandings and help you hone your perception.

To learn more about Aura Energy and other related subjects, please visit our new Energy Healing Guide.

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