Understanding Auras

Published Date 9/9/2016
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Understanding Auras

Auras are the colorful vibrational fields around us, which indicate what has happened, and what is ready to happen. Auras reflect energetic changes, as well as the influence of past lives. Each color in the aura has meaning. If you’re feeling positive and happy, your aura will extend far beyond your physical body, but if you’re feeling negative or sad, your aura will contract and remain much closer to your person. Some clairvoyants also detect energy patterns, blockages, and scenes in the energy field.

Our Advisors can use information about your aura to bring you to a place of clarity and peace
There’s a lot of information available for someone with the gift of seeing auras. Their color and movement reveals what is happening in your body and energy field on a vibrational level, and an energy healer can use this information to bring clarity to a specific situation and help you address energetic imbalances.

Any number of issues can cause your aura to become blocked or distorted. Negative thoughts directed toward you, emotions that you haven’t fully processed, and past life experiences are just some of the concerns that can block your aura. With a past life reading, you may be able to get to the root of some of your thoughts. Spiritual problems and emotional issues can also throw your aura out of synchronization. All of these imbalances can leave you feeling tired, negative, and disconnected. Professional clairvoyants enjoy using this perception to enhance psychic readings and energy healing, even at a distance. It is a special gift and skill to hone, that adds depth to your experience of your psychic reading, whether via phone or chat. 

Learn more about what auras mean
Learning about your own unique energy field and what its color and movement says about you is fun and interesting. You can easily find Advisors who are experts in reading auras using the filtering tool on Our Psychics page. You can also learn more about specific aura colors and by browsing our articles and exploring our Guide to Auras

Video Transcript

Stevie: One of the fun things about aura readings is they just show so many different lights, what's happening, what's directly happening in your immediate energetic field.

Deidre Woods: It's just a light of energy that we all have. We are energy.

Betty: It's our spirit, it's our soul, emanating. Dawn: I think it's the vibrational energy field around you, and vibrations tend to create different colors and so that's what you see when you're seeing auras.

Stevie: We are constantly kind of circling our energy throughout our body, and so auras will indicate, will show manifestation of what's happened and what's getting ready to take place.

Deidre Woods: If you're under a lot of stress and you're depressed, you may have normally a beautiful blue aura but it could turn a little brown. So auras, the energy is reflected from within so without.

Stevie: But they also are a great indication of what energetically is kind of what you're pulling in, what is getting ready to come out.

Deidre Woods: Auras are also not just what we have in this life, but what we've picked up from other lives. So a lot of times auras are not necessarily one color. You may be primarily yellow, but you may see like streaks of blue going through it, and we all have it.

Stevie: Thank you to my guides I'm able to see your auras from distance and it's because they get to show me. They get to tell me what color is happening and how that's fitting into your life. Not everybody can see them, but when they do shine, it means take notice, there's something to say about this.

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