The Reiki Principles

Published Date 9/14/2012
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Reiki can help you in many ways, so remind yourself of the principles each day!

Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki and the creator of the 5 Reiki principles; however, energy work has been practiced in many ancient cultures for thousands of years. After becoming a Buddhist Monk, Dr. Usui received the inspiration for his healing system through 21 days of meditation on the side of Mount Kurama.  He found by using certain symbols, he could attune other people to this spiritual healing energy, and could heal various ailments by giving Reiki to others. Reiki has been passed down to many people through generations of teachings and requires patience, time, and meditation practices. After all, we do have to heal ourselves before we can begin to help heal someone else.

I needed this reminder of the 5 principles and felt I should share them with everyone else.  It’s good to hang these in a place where you will see them while you are getting ready for your day. 

1.Just for today, I will not be angry
It’s our reminder to let go of our anger so we may have peace of mind. Plus, anger is a negative emotion that causes energy blockages in our energy field. Reiki is perfect for getting rid of these energy blockages that can later affect us on a physical level. So for today, let it go so your energy can flow freely.

2. Just for today, I will not worry
Worry is also another negative emotion to release. When we worry about situations or issues we are putting that negative energy out into the universe. I read something today stating that we are constantly asking The Universe “How can I serve you?” What we don’t realize is The Universe is replying with “Now, how can I serve you?”  We do receive what we put into The Universe, so for today let’s keep it positive!

3.Just for today, I will be grateful
From the deepest part of your heart (intention is important), be grateful for everything you have in life. Friends, family, a stable home, a loving pet, a decent job, whatever it may be, be thankful it is there for you.

4.Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Put forth your best effort with respect for yourself and others.

5.Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing
Again, this is all about respect. Respecting your parents, friends, elders, and even animals (I believe they have souls and feelings too). Let this loving feeling shine for others. You never know. A smile, thanks, or simple gesture (leaving the bird’s nest on your porch alone no matter how loud they are) could also improve someone else’s day (Again I’m including the animals. They need Reiki and healing just as we do).

Living by these principles will help build good karma and bring you the positivity from the universe you are hoping to receive.

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