Reiki is a wonderful healing tool.

Published Date 5/27/2012
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Reiki is a wonderful healing tool.

The word Reiki means Universal Love and the act of Reiki is Universal Healing, healing the planet, animals, and humans as well.  Reiki is a laying on of hands/touch-healing system and can be sent as distant healing as well.  Reiki is an amazing healing system; no other system of metaphysical healing can offer this.  Many hospitals around the country are just starting to hire Reiki practitioners for their patients with positive results. I consider Reiki to be the basic skill for all other alternative healing methods and it belongs to all living beings. I have been a Reiki Master, Teacher and healer for over 30 years and I take my healing abilities seriously.

All healing begins with self-healing.  Reiki healing begins with the Reiki practitioner using a Reiki position, placing their hands on the person to be healed, with no pressure.  The life force energy known as “Ki” is what produces the healing flowing through the Chakras in the centers of the palms and the tips of each finger.  Reiki can also be sent as “distant healing,” not only to humans, but cats, dogs and other members of the animal kingdom. Cats, always have an attitude about the Reiki energy, they think they own it!   Many animals readily accept the Reiki energy and sometimes reject the Reiki energy if the animal is passing over, and if the Reiki healing isn’t enough, it will in fact make the passing without pain.

Reiki energy needs no direction; the practitioner will be told when to change position. At times a receiver will be guided through a visualization process or wants to talk about what’s happening to them, the Reiki healer will guide them through this process.  The session can last over an hour and I always keep my hands on the receiver as long as the energy sensations continue. When a Reiki healer begins the healing session, one thing we cannot guarantee is if the receiver will be healed.  The Reiki energy seems to have a mind of its own, going where the problem is and not where the actual pain is felt.

Sometimes it takes more than one session, but something always happens, whether it’s instantly or during the night or the next day.  I’ve never had a receiver not feel a difference.  Also, if you are familiar with the Chakra systems, a Reiki session will realign receiver’s chakras.  Happy Healing!

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