The Benefits of Reiki

Published Date 8/16/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

A Reiki Healing Offers Profound Benefits

According to our Advisors, Reiki is not a religious practice but a spiritual one. It's an ancient form of energetic healing from Japan, and it's an ideal way to cut down on stress and boost your overall quality of life. Our bodies are always healing themselves, but Reiki gives a conscious intention to the constant state of healing. It does so by heightening acceptance and awareness of the healing process.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Reiki can bring a feeling of peace and closure to a reading
A powerful way to end a psychic reading with a Reiki practitioner is to request a healing as part of the process. This way the clarity and information your mind receives can be energetically strengthened on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. This helps bring about feelings of peace and closure, and may also make acting on the new information a bit easier due to the energetic shift that the healing brings.

Our Reiki Masters offer distance healing
Many people think of Reiki as hands-on, but it is often done remotely, at a distance. The effect is the same. Any Level II Reiki Practitioner can conduct a distance healing as they have been attuned the Reiki Distance Symbol that carries the healing energy through space and time. A skilled Reiki Practitioner will often use this symbol to heal and clear Karmic energy in your present lifetime as well as your past lives. It is also the symbol to use to access the Akashic Records. When you receive a distance Reiki healing, your Advisor will call on all their intuitive and healing gifts to restore your energy flow.

You can learn more about Reiki by reading our articles or exploring our Guide to Reiki. You can find Advisors who practice Reiki on our site by filtering Our Advisors by tool>Reiki. 

Video Transcript

Kali: Reiki is universal energy healing. Delia: People sometimes want to put a religious spin on it. There is no religious spin on it. It's just about the universal energy. It's bringing it through, letting it channel through. You become a hollow bone.

Kali: And it comes through and, again, works with blockages in the body. Renee: When I do Reiki on you, you'll feel either energized, relaxed, some might feel tired.

Seraphina: Then you may cry. You may feel sad for a day or so, but these are energies that you're releasing and it's helping you.

Kali: It also causes a wonderful nice calm effect, which allows you to start accepting all the good things, all of the goodness about you. The energy is now flowing the way it's supposed to be flowing.

Delia: You know, with Reiki, we will typically go to chakras. Sometimes we'll scan the body. And again, it's done remotely. The person doesn't have to be in front of you.

Kali: I can send Reiki to you as we are talking on the phone. I can send Reiki during chat. I can send Reiki during my meditation, to anyone.

Delia: Let's face it, we all need it. You know, we all do. I can't wait to see my practitioner every three months. It's what I do because it's what I need. I know it's needed.

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