6 Benefits of Meditating with Your Partner

Published Date 3/25/2015
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Meditating with your partner holds many benefits

Meditation doesn't have to be a solitary practice. Inviting your partner to meditate with you can have many benefits, including a more connected relationship. Here, you'll find some of the benefits you'll enjoy when meditating with your partner.

More Time to Connect

Taking the time to meditate as a couple on a daily basis—if even for as short as ten minutes—gives the two of you more time together by giving you both the opportunity to connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Talk to a live psychic to gain insight into your relationship and talk more about how meditation can help you as a couple.

Improved Intimacy

Touching brings two people closer together than any other form of communication, as it even allows for emotional intimacy. It is through that touching that you move past the solo nature of meditation and instead create an awareness of each other. Meditating as a couple promotes touch and can build and keep intimacy in your relationship consistent.

Mutual Calm

Meditation calms the limbic system by the predictable pattern of in-and-out breathing. This mutual focus on calm and stability can carry over into thoughtful dialogues and help couples avoid escalated emotions of fear and anger during high stress moments. Focusing deeply on your partner during meditation can essentially carry over and become a form of regular reciprocal relational practice in all aspects of your relationship.

Open Communication

Meditation holds many benefits for individuals, including increased empathy and heightened brain activity. Relational meditation can allow couples to feel more vulnerable in each other's presence, leading to more open communication, increased honesty, and a less frantic approach to life for couples who meditate.

Fewer Distractions

Work, money, and health are­are all distractions in our personal lives that can be stressful for us to deal with. They are also things that we can remove from our minds with proper meditation. In the same way those issues can be obstacles in our personal lives, they can also be major obstacles in our relationships. Being able to do so creates stress-free clarity and calm for us individually and as a couple. 

Individual and Relationship Growth

According to neuroscience expert Dan Siegel, meditation holds a slew of benefits referred to as the "Magic Nine": attuned communication, emotional balance, fear modulation, response flexibility, insight, empathy, body regulation, moral judgment, and intuition. These personal improvements offer clear benefits to oneself but also to relationship health when both partners are practicing meditation.

When meditating with your partner, find a quiet place where you can meditate together without interruption. Wear comfortable clothing, sit facing one another, look into one another's eyes, focus on one another, breathe together, and touch. Start with short increments, such as five minutes, and increase your meditation time together as you continue your daily practice to reap the long-term benefits of meditating together. A love psychic can offer advice on how to meditate together more effectively.

Follow these steps to advance your own self-improvement and clarity through meditation. Take them to the next level to create a deeper and lasting bond with your partner.


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