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Published Date 7/26/2016
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Do you meditate on a daily basis?

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Have you ever been so stressed out that you literally can’t think clearly? Your mind is muddled with many choices and appears to be racing constantly. Unfortunately, this state is more common now than ever. We have many demands upon us and in addition, the many channels of communication at our disposal makes life more rather than less chaotic. However, there is a way to clear your mind and create space for answers to come through. 

Anyone Can (and Should) Meditate
Meditation is an ancient practice across civilizations and religions. You don’t need to adhere to any religious affiliation to meditate. Meditation is for everyone. While a great teacher can be the key to a successful meditation practice, it’s not necessary. Meditation is a way to clear the mind field and open you up to new possibilities. It’s also a great practice to do before receiving a reading to enhance your intuition.

Types of Meditation
There are many different types of meditation and with no one-size fits all approach needed. 

Mantra-based meditations work by silently repeating a word or set of words, usually with no meaning such as a mantra in Sanskrit. 

There are visual meditations in which you can use an object such as a candle with a flickering flame or a geometric pattern or visual mantra called a yantra. 

There are walking meditations where you are immersed in nature and guided meditations. 

In order to see what meditation is the right fit for you, try one type of meditation for thirty days. Meditation in and of itself is new to most Westerners and may seem difficult in the beginning. But just like any healthy habit, once you practice and acquire it, it becomes easier with time. 

Try This At Home!
Here is a simple mindfulness meditation you can do at home or at work. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Breathe in deeply from your lower belly and exhale completely through the nose. Close your eyes and observe your breath. Try not to control the breath just observe. Sit for five minutes in silent meditation and each week, increase your meditation by one minute until you are meditation for twenty minutes daily. 

Another practice is to focus on your heart space, listening to your heart messages, especially before getting a reading. When you do this you will open your heart to answers and receive your heart’s desires.

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