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Most people are familiar with the term "Clairvoyant", advisors who are able to use their inner eye to see things that others may not perceive. But there are many other forms of extra-sensory perception - including clairaudience, the ability to hear spirit guides or otherwordly beings, and clairgustance, the ability to taste a substance without having anything in one's mouth. Psychics who have the unique ability to feel and sense the specific energy surrounding a person are clairsentients. Although their gifts aren't focused on seeing future visions or hearing the voices of spirit guides, clairsentient psychics have special gifts to offer you.

In traditional in-person readings, a clairsentient psychic can use psychometry, the practice of using objects that are close to a person (jewelry, glasses, etc)  to help read a person's energy. These personal objects obtain some of one's energy, helping clairsentient gain important insight. For example, a clairsentient psychic may sense a smell of cigarettes or flowers related to your question or situation, indicating that perhaps a person who’s important to the answer to your question is a smoker or wears a floral perfume. Clairsentient psychics may also feel a sensation of temperature, tapping, or blowing on their skin when there is a spirit or angel guide making contact through them or guiding their intuition in answer to your question.

Many people who are clairsentient may not be aware of their gift and might just assume that they're a bit more hypersensitive than others. In fact, some do have the unique ability to pick up on the vibrations given off by a person or object that provide insight into their internal state. With the ability to project their senses into another place, clairsentient psychics may be able to “see” or “feel” what’s going on in a location far removed from where they are physically located.

By utilizing these unique gifts, clairsentients can provide knowledge and assistance to those with questions about everything from their well-being to relationships.

Clairsentients for overall well-being

Clairsentient psychics may feel physical sensations that give them information about your situation and your emotions that you may not directly express, and that you might not even be aware you are feeling. For example, during a reading, a clairsentient psychic might experience a physical feeling of discomfort, indicating that a person or situation has negative energies for you. Or they may say they sense lightness and well-being, indicating that positive energies are involved.

Clairsentients for relationships

If you are having a hard time understanding your partner, you may be able to benefit from speaking to a clairsentient as well. Clairsentient psychics might be able to identify underlying problems in your relationship through vibrations manifested as anything from butterflies, to a twitch, to a "gut feeling."

By speaking to a clairsentient, you can evaluate your own hard feelings and emotions as well as those of your partner. By gaining this intuitive knowledge from a clairsentient psychic, a couple can move forward in their relationship and regain stability.

Clairsentients for personal growth

Clairsentients can identify when an individual is suffering from negative emotions. This might be stress, sadness or anxiety, and a person might not even recognize the negativity that is affecting his or her life. By being able to sense an individual's aura, a clairsentient psychic can provide insight into what may be causing the complications and negativity. As clairsentients tap into your feelings, they can use their energy to strengthen your spirit and provide the relief that true empathy can offer.

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