Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces Daily Horoscope

July 25

Have you ever used the Web to find out more about an ailment? Using a search engine to determine what might be causing minor discomfort can result in us convincing ourselves we need to check into the nearest hospital. Our quest for information can lead us to draw inaccurate conclusions sometimes. At such times, it's often better to 'trust' than to 'think'. To avoid seeing a certain situation in an exaggerated way, trust that you don't need to think any more about it! Click here to discover what sort of lover you are.

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About the astrological sign Pisces:

  • Pisces is a water sign and the twelfth sign of the zodiac.
  • Pisces' ruling planet is Neptune.
  • Pale green and turquoise are Pisces' colors.
  • Pisceans are intuitive and emotional, mystical and adaptable to most any situation.
  • Pisceans' friends would say Pisceans are imaginative and wishy-washy at times, but they love Pisceans' romantic nature.
  • Pisceans enjoy learning about mysticism and psychic phenomenon.
  • Famous Pisceans: George Washington, Liza Minnelli, Drew Barrymore, Benicio Del Toro, Chelsea Clinton, Ron Howard, Jon Bon Jovi, Queen Latifah, Cindy Crawford, Jack Kerouac and Albert Einstein.

About Horoscopes:

A horoscope is considered a "Sun sign" Astrology Reading. In an Astrology Reading, a Psychic Source astrologer can interpret your birth data and determine how the planets were aligned at the time of your birth. To gain a better understanding of who you are beyond your Sun sign, get an in-depth Astrology Reading.