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In this video, our Clairaudient psychics share their stories of how they clearly hear answers to your questions and messages from Spirit.

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The word “clairaudient” means “clear of hearing.” Unlike other gifted psychics who can see spirits or receive visions, clairaudient mediums primarily receive information through what they hear. Through the voices of spirit guides or otherworldly beings, clairaudient psychics have a gift of being able to hear clearly what is not audible to most other people.

Whether you’re trying to get in touch with your own angels or spirit guides, or just looking to gain a sense of direction in your life, you may find it helpful to speak to a clairaudient for assistance.

Clairaudience through inner hearing

There are primarily two types of clairaudient psychics who are able to gain guidance through slightly different means. One type of clairaudient can interpret messages through his or her "inner ear" rather than the "inner eye."

These individuals use the hearing center within their minds to hear thoughts within themselves (in a similar manner to the way someone talks to himself) and then interpret those voices using their intuition. While a clairvoyant psychic may be able to see visions through extra-sensory perception, clairaudients tap into their sixth sense to gain information through sound.

Clairaudience through secondary sources

The second type of clairaudient is an individual who is able to hear otherworldly beings (using their physical ears as opposed to their inner ear, thus no interpretation is needed), whether it be the voices of spirit guides or those who have passed on. The ability to hear beings that are in the astral realm can give clairaudients the opportunity to gather information that cannot be perceived by the average person. This information can then be used to provide peace of mind to those who are seeking answers.

The benefits of speaking to a clairaudient medium

Individuals who are simply in search of direction in their lives and would like advice from the spiritual realm can turn to clairaudients for help. Because they can directly hear the voices of otherworldly beings or access another level of knowledge through their inner ear, clairaudients can help you receive accurate messages from spirit guides and whoever else may be trying to come in contact with you.

When you talk to a clairaudient psychic, be prepared to expand your own powers of hearing and perception. You just may find yourself better prepared to listen to your inner voice, and to know the truth when you hear it.

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