Sep 23 - Oct 22

Libra Daily Horoscope

January 22

When we find ourselves bored with the way a situation ticks along predictably, we either leave it alone in the belief we know where we stand with it or look closely at what can be done to shake it up to see what the result might be. A certain level of comfort might be on offer within a situation you know is too predictable for its own good but, hopefully, the benefits of seizing and shaking it up are becoming clearer. It might be time to bring an end to one very tedious saga. Astrology is about identifying and seizing opportunities. To discover what opportunities await you, click

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About the astrological sign Libra:

  • Libra is an air sign and the seventh sign of the zodiac.
  • Libra's ruling planet is Venus.
  • Blue and lavender are Libra's colors.
  • Libras are active, easygoing and artistic.
  • Libras' friends would say Libras are charming, diplomatic, peace-loving social butterflies.
  • Libras love the idea of being in love and finding the perfect partnership.
  • Famous Libras: John Lennon, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mohandas Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Ed Sullivan, Sigourney Weaver, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Ralph Lauren.

About Horoscopes:

A horoscope is considered a "Sun sign" Astrology Reading. In an Astrology Reading, a Psychic Source astrologer can interpret your birth data and determine how the planets were aligned at the time of your birth. To gain a better understanding of who you are beyond your Sun sign, get an in-depth Astrology Reading.