Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 8th, 2016

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

New Moons are great times for making fresh starts; the Monday Morning, February 8th (9:39 am) New Moon in Aquarius invites us to examine what we would like to begin and allows our creative, intuitive, and romantic selves merge to bring about dynamic changes. Mars Square the New Moon could represent that part of the mind that is determined to undermine us. It points to that bit of ego that fears losing control. Knowing this, we can more easily navigate. The seeds we plant and intentions we set are especially important. Our relationships benefit from the boost of positive Aquarius Sun-Moon energy.

Love and luck marry for a few easy days as Venus, and Jupiter forms a 120-degree aspect Wednesday, February 10, Venus in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Virgo 2:54 am. The Trine, a smooth, effortless aspect, draws the best from Venus, the planet of money and love and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance. It's a brief yet advantageous synthesis. Generosity and loving kindness rule for a few days. Earth signs may find this transit to be valuable on so many levels as creative projects proceed with ease and romance moves the heart.

Saturday, February 13th, Mercury eagerly moves into inventive Aquarius (5:43 pm) –bright, creative Ideas circulate and travel freely through the cosmos just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mercury in Aquarius brings a lot of fun, creativity and originality; enjoy inventing your unique and delightful Valentine gift or greeting.

Occurring after traditionalist Capricorn, Aquarius looks to the future as it promotes innovation and experimentation. Networking, group projects, shared ideas are all gifts of the Aquarian influence, so when Mercury enters this sign, we are drawn to share our experiences and brainstorm possibilities.

So many changes this week! A New Moon full of promise, a romance boosting Venus-Jupiter Trine, and Mercury moving into Aquarius. Learn more about the planets, their meaning, and your personal natal chart at Psychic Source. Get a fresh perspective and useful advice to help navigate the coming changes.

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