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Week of June 20th, 2016

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Happy Summer! Monday Morning’s Full Moon (7:02 am), is the second Full Moon in two months in optimistic Sagittarius. Occurring at 29 degrees, the degree of completion, (May’s Full Moon was 1 degree). We'll feel the influence of the Sagittarius Full Moon - Blue Moon for weeks to come. The energy is unique to your personal chart. For instance, if the Gemini Sun connects with planets in your chart, you can expect a reunion with someone from your past. Expect that person to have the attributes of Gemini: warm, energetic, and an excellent communicator. If your personal planets connect with the Moon, you'll likely meet someone new, someone with the characteristics of Sagittarius: entertaining, worldly and encouraging.

The Sagittarius Full Moon illuminates our natural intuitive abilities, and with a helpful Trine to Uranus in Aries, it clears away limitations and pessimism. For those dealing with relationship struggles, the uplifting energy will reveal solutions, even as the Moon changes signs, enters Capricorn (7:55 am) and opposes Venus in Cancer (2:51 pm).

Monday afternoon (1:11 pm) Mercury squares retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Mercury represents the rational mind, Neptune moving retrograde points to greater clarity. Remember, during any retrograde cycle, there is no need to force an outcome. Relax and cooperate with the energy. Work with the Mercury-Neptune Square; begin a dream journal, or explore creative outlets.

The beginning of summer brings to mind fun in the sun, barbecues, and vacations. It's a time for gathering with family, loved ones, and reunions. The Summer Solstice, from the Latin, “Sun Standing Still”, is the longest day of the year, when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. Solstice is the day the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, this year it's Monday, June 20 (6: 34 pm). For the next four weeks, we embrace issues associated with the fourth house; our roots, and family, that which formed us. The sign of Cancer illuminates all that surrounds, protects and nourishes the soul. Like a river of compassion, Cancer is persistent and compelling. Emotions, actions, and intentions align harmoniously for the official start of summer.

There are significant changes this week, a Full Moon-Blue Moon in Sagittarius and the Summer Solstice. Full Moon’s tend to clarify our intuition and point to closure in situations that began with the New Moon. Your favorite Psychic Source Advisors are always available to help you navigate the changes. Call or chat today!

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