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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 14th, 2017

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Venus in sensitive Cancer opposes Pluto in careful Capricorn as the week begins (Tuesday, August 15 Venus Opposite Pluto @ 7:17 am). Venus, the planet of love elevates our ideas of home and family, pointing toward beautiful spaces and improvements in the home. Pluto represents distilled power, transformation, and thoughtful changes. In recent weeks, we have been quietly processing issues that involve personal and relationship healing, now the solutions will come into clear focus.

Mercury is tracing its backward path through Virgo, where it operates best. The communication planet is exalted in Virgo so that even Retrograde the energy moves in a way that is less problematic. This better functioning Retrograde provides an opportunity to make repairs as we practice greater awareness, particularly with communication and the way our words land. Make repairs this week as you prepare for the weekend.

This retrograde fall between two eclipses, the lunar eclipse (July 7) and the New Moon-Solar Eclipse August 21. Avoid making any reckless decisions that necessitate significant life changes. Focus instead on restorations of every kind; rewind, repair, rekindle, and return. Most notably re-treat. Ah, a spa day! You deserve it; love yourself, and you will attract love.

Sunday afternoon, a Mars – Jupiter Sextile delivers a cosmic nudge that’s all about creating opportunities, and the Moon conjunct Mars lifts emotional energy. As the weekend spins down, we find planets gathering in Leo, closer than ever to the coming New Moon - Solar Eclipse moon Monday. Expect lots of drama, and bring your unique flair to the party!

A lot is happening this week so treat yourself kindly. This week the pieces of the puzzle could fall into the right places. Listen to your intuition and allow your clairsentience to sharpen. Take the time to focus with Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn as you prepare to view next week's Eclipse. Your Psychic Source Advisor can provide insights and advice to help you become more centered. Call Psychic Source and see why we’re different!

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