Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 29th, 2016

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Unassuming pleasures replace the intricate structure of Virgo’s influence when Venus glides into socially graceful Libra Monday (10:07 pm). Venus is a dual ruler; grounded Taurus her night time home, and free as the air Libra her daytime abode, where she holds court in the Zodiac’s 7th house of relationships. Venus connects us to love and attraction. Emotions are balanced, for In Libra, Venus is an excellent listener, with a genuine appreciation and awareness of the needs of others.

Tuesday morning (9:04 am) Mercury Retrograde in Virgo begins, so backup everything and make lists, not arguments. Allow time for travel delays. The trickster follows its backward path through Virgo until September 22. Now is an excellent opportunity to clear the air, make amends, and of course, the gift of Mercury Retrograde is the release of negativity. Reunions are likely to occur, and many old flames reappear during this phase. The energy can be used to rekindle, or gain closure and move on.

Often the things we most desire, we begin during a Virgo New Moon. Thursday’s Virgo New – Solar Eclipse (5:03 am) sanction new beginnings, we set our intentions affirming new goals. Virgo, a sign that is independent, intelligent and witty inspires improved communication and perhaps some relationship telepathy. The Eclipse speeds things up, intensifying the effect of the house in which it occurs. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter all line up in Virgo pointing to ways to allow our creative energy to grow and evolve.

You'll surely enjoy gentle Venus moving into Libra and the powerful Virgo New Moon – Solar Eclipse for new beginnings. Do you have an intention for this New Moon? Or do you need to process your feelings during the Mercury Retrograde? Your favorite Psychic Source Advisors offer insight and guidance with compassionate and intuitive perspectives!

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