Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of November 28th, 2016

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

The last week of November begins with the Sagittarius New Moon (Tuesday, November 29, New Moon in Sagittarius at 7:18 am). A perfect time to focus your energy toward generating new beginnings. Extra-generous in bestowing gifts of love and creativity, the Sagittarius New Moon makes a beneficial Sextile to Mars in Aquarius. We're feeling spontaneous and ready for adventure inspired by the archer’s natural optimism and joy for life. Our affirmations are enthusiastic, engaging the law of attraction to bring real love into our lives.

Conversations turn to serious themes when Mercury enters Capricorn (Friday, December 2, Mercury enters Capricorn at 4:18 pm). Although we may not necessarily focus on discussion centered on commitment, Mercury in Capricorn invites us to reflect upon our relationships, and we tend to approach the future with a greater sense of purpose. It becomes easier to release, forgive and start over. Talk solutions and make plans when Mercury enters Capricorn.

December begins with a helpful Mars-Jupiter Trine (Thursday, December 1, Mars in Aquarius Trines Jupiter in Libra at 10:46 pm). Mars governs our determination and passions; Jupiter expands our understanding, vision, and opportunity. The Trine reconciles the energy between Mars in globally aware Aquarius and Jupiter in socially aware Libra. When you find your center, and balance the energy; it is easy to get in touch with your heart and state your needs in productive ways. Negative feelings fall away and have no hold over the future. Now is an excellent time to plan for a romantic retreat, rekindle love and put the passion back into your relationship. Single and looking? You may find the inspiration you have been waiting for to put yourself back into the dating scene.

Bright beginnings are possible under the New Moon in Sagittarius. What will you affirm? Check out the Psychic Source blog for suggestions on ways to create a personal New Moon ceremony. Or call us anytime, Gifted and knowing advisors are always available for you at Psychic Source!

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