Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 20th, 2017

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Early this week quick thinking Mercury in Aquarius forms a healing Trine to Jupiter in fair-minded Libra opening the channels of communication for all relationships. Uranus in Aires is in beneficial Sextile to Mercury, creating an outlet for passionate emotions engendered by Venus and Mars opposite Jupiter and Mars in challenging angle to transformational Pluto. It’s easier to constructively discuss any problems or relationship issues during Mercury trine Jupiter as you are both more optimistic looking to finding solutions rather than placing blame.

Emotional boundaries diminish when Mercury enters Pisces. Outworn ideas regarding blame and fault fall away as acceptance develops and matures. Mercury enters Pisces Saturday night (6:07 pm) in plenty of time to support the Sunday Morning New Moon in Pisces (9:58 am).

The universe is in a state of constant flux; what we call the future is not written in stone. Planetary aspects (New Moons for example) influence creative energy. New Moons are traditionally times of stating intentions to create positive change. Sunday morning’s Pisces New Moon is perfect for manifesting your heart's desires. Always the last New Moon before the Spring Equinox, it's the culmination of nearly three months of deep personal reflection that began at the Winter Solstice. Lovers become more like dreamers waking from a deep sleep. The kind nature of Pisces allows the most passionate, creative energy to flow. What you project comes back to you; so, use this beautiful, imaginative Pisces New Moon to bring love into your life! There is no limit to what we can manifest. Lovely things are on the horizon!

It’s fun to start a dream journal as the communicator Mercury travels through Pisces and connects with The New Moon. Learn about dream interpretation with a consultation with one of the many expert advisors at Psychic Source and check out our blog for New Moon inspiration!

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