Lost Object Readings from Psychic Source

Several psychics share how their gifts begin connecting with the energy or spirit of the missing person, pet or object.

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How can a psychic help me find my lost objects?

Asking a psychic to help find lost objects may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a psychic reading. However, lost object readings can be surprisingly helpful and revealing – not just in restoring your peace of mind about a potentially valuable lost object, but also in exploring your feelings, relationships and experiences associated with that object.

What objects can psychics find?

When you lose or misplace something valuable – whether it has monetary value, sentimental value, or both – you may experience grief, loss, anxiety, frustration, or guilt. All of these are normal reactions to the situation. You may have already spent hours or days searching for the object. Or you may be at a loss for where to begin looking.

In all of these cases, calling a psychic to help find lost items can help you calm down, focus your memory, and ultimately provide guidance to help you locate those items, without the panic or emotional distress you might otherwise feel.

Psychics help find lost items using many different tools and gifts. Clairvoyance and clairsentience are ways of seeing things and feeling energies that are not generally apparent. The gift of remote viewing can help a psychic “see” or “feel” your lost item and describe what the place looks like where the object is located. Psychic mediums can contact spirit and angel guides for help locating objects. Tarot and cartomancy readings can use the cards to provide clues.

"I could not find my mother’s ring and I was so bummed. The psychic said it was in kitchen—even when I said the last place I remembered it was in the bathroom. This morning out of desperation I went thru the trash can in the kitchen, piece by piece... and found it!! Wrapped up in a paper towel was my very expensive ring! I AM SO GRATEFUL! Thank you for helping me find my lost ring!"


Tips for your lost object reading

When you get a lost object reading, all you have to do is describe the missing object and let the psychic Advisor know when it was lost. It can be very helpful to take detailed notes during lost object readings so you can go back and follow each step or clue provided during the reading to find lost items.

Why is this lost object so important to me?

While you’re talking about the lost object, you might also discuss the emotions you’re experiencing. Is the lost item important to you because it belongs to a loved one? Did you lose your wedding ring, which could trigger feelings of guilt or frustration about your relationship? These are topics that can come up during lost object readings and that your Advisor can help you address. By the end of the lost object reading, you will have a list of impressions or descriptions telling you where to look, as well as a deeper understanding of what the lost object means to you.

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