Psychic Raven x9580

Psychic Raven x9580

Unconditional Love Intuitive

4½ stars (61 Most Recent Ratings)

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Energy Healing, Love Psychic
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  • Reading Style: Wise

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More About Raven

Raven is a clairsentient, claircognizant, psychic empath, and energy healer. Raven specializes in reading thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, personalities, and energy. She also specializes in the twin flame connection and energy healing. Her dual abilities of being a psychic empath and energy healer allow her to be a clear channel for bringing messages from the Angel and Spirit guides. In this, she has a natural gift for opening your heart about the realities of your relationships and to help you see things from the highest perspective through the energy of unconditional love. With your permission, she can also assist you in clearing energy that is blocking you from manifesting your dreams. She can even teach you how to clear your own energy for maximizing the benefits of daily energy management.

Words of Wisdom

"Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms." Khalil Gibran

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4½ stars (61 Most Recent Ratings)

57 reviews since Dec 2016

Featured Review LoveWellness WealthMiracles 9/20/2017 stars Phone Reading

I've been around the healing arena for a long time as a telepath myself and don't trust 99% of people out there. The arena is fulled with a lot of nonsense and made up mishigas (Yittish word for human crazyness we all have in our own way). So mostly I listen to myself for guidance. However, I have a few colleagues/friends who I trust to be 100% clear and also need someone outside of my own life when I am not getting my own answers. Now I have a professional helper I can contact myself who is fully clear. Raven told me I would move to one of the Hawaii islands for awhile but not the one I saw myself going to. As it's turned out, friends have now approached me who wish to live on the island she kept pointing too, other friends have put me in contact with colleagues there who are fully on my wave length about the planetary mission of the time, and close friends live there, one who I thought had moved. She was accurate. I also wondered why she would say I would go to this particular island due to the current vogue from the volcano there. But after Raven's predictions I was immediately called by a couple of different people to tell me of towns where there is no vogue. These people showed up magically as I had not put word out. Miracles. Raven was right on track.

Findnewlove 10/9/2017 stars Phone Reading

I'm not so sure about this call. She gave me a positive outcome but the call was slow and there's a lot of dead air. If she turns out to be right with the outcome then I will change rating. But it's more of a counseling than a reading.

LoveWellness WealthMiracles 10/2/2017 stars Phone Reading

I was very flustered by THREE clients. Ordinarily I have a great flow with clients and my work comes easily to me. I have done it for decades in immense JOY! I know when there is disrupt in my life that the universe is tapping me on my back: Time for unexpected new birth and growth. I understood this was happening but felt trapped. Raven explained a few important things to me that allowed me to do the work to fully shift my own foundation with all three of these clients, myself and hence the whole world. TODAY WHEN I SPOKE TO EACH OF THESE CLIENTS THE SESSION HAD CHANGED 100%. I know this is the spring board for a whole new phase in my life. I can hardly wait. LIBERATION ON MANY MANY LEVELS. Thanks Raven!!!!

Spiritual 10/1/2017 stars Chat Reading

I feel so fortunate to have had a reading with Raven. Her insight gives me the direction and tools to move forward. She is wise beyond her years and her ability to know what the other person is thinking has given me the courage to know what to do next. I can't recommend her more.

commonspirit 10/1/2017 stars Chat Reading

Great Reading :)

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