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Gain an understanding of who you were in a past life and how it affects your current life.

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What is a past life reading?

If you’ve ever had an eerie feeling that you know something or someone you’ve never met in this life before – sometimes called a “déjà vu” -- it may be based on a past life experience. The basis for past life readings is the belief in reincarnation, or the idea that your soul is reborn in different bodies over a long period of time. 

How are past life readings conducted?

Past life readings look back into the lives you led in previous incarnations to help you understand where your soul has been and how past life experiences may impact your life today.

For example, a strong loving relationship you may have had with someone in a previous life may carry through to your present day incarnation. This can be revealed in a psychic love reading. A past life reading can help clarify why you feel so strongly about certain people with whom you have unusually close ties or stormy relationships. Past life readings can also illuminate complicated connections between you and loved ones that are based on many shared lifetimes.

Another example is if you had a trauma or difficult experience in a past life. This could leave spiritual “scars” and affect the way you feel and behave in this life. A past life reading can explain certain fears or phobias you might have and help you overcome them, based on an understanding of their origins in a past life.

Past life readings are different form past life regression. In a past life regression, you are hypnotized and guided to go back in your memory to past lives. In a past life reading, a psychic medium or spiritual psychic takes the journey into your past and conveys to you what he or she discovers.

What can a past life reading tell me about my future?

Accessing your past lives can have a profound impact on your present experiences. This is not because you discover that you were once Napoleon or Cleopatra. In fact, it is very unusual for a past life reading to reveal that you were someone famous in an earlier era. Much more importantly, past life readings show patterns that evolve in your relationships and motivations through various lifetimes, allowing you to make the most of who you are today.

"The psychic saw the karmic connection ties that I have with the current people in my life and the reading explained why I act the way I do."

Rachael, Facebook

If you are interested in a deeper exploration of the forces that have shaped your spirit through many incarnations, a past life reading – like angel readings and spiritual readings - can be a very powerful and transformative experience.

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