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Psychic Stasch x9303

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Featured Review jbleez 6/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Such a nice man. He got my situation and in his voice I could feel like he knew exactly how I was feeling the only difference is HE HAD THE ANSWERS! He was very fast. You will not waste your money. He knew what I did not know he knew what all this was really meaning. He gave me timelines he gave me hope and he also told me about the rough roads I am about to take. I will have to stay in faith and stay strong. THANK YOU STASCH!!! You are the best!!

Zuzulisa 6/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

It is difficult to write a review when there is nothing happening. This is not the reader's fault. It is currently my life and I appreciate it when a reader does not embellish or try to be overly positive or negative during a lull. Blessings.

Mandy02 5/30/2017 stars Phone Reading

I don't believe we connected. I got general opinionated information rather than any psychic insight.

bea2311 5/26/2017 stars Chat Reading

Awesome and direct reading.

Ednolb 5/16/2017 stars Phone Reading

I used this reader to check up on my favorite one they agreed so my opinion is that she is good you have to talk a little bit more with them but if you don't have the money for the more expensive people he's OK

vampynaru 5/15/2017 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for interpreting my dream!

jazz2017 5/11/2017 stars Phone Reading

Good insight.

seekingclarity 5/10/2017 stars Phone Reading

Always a pleasure to read from him. gave accurate read of the other person in question.

seekingclarity 5/2/2017 stars Phone Reading

He is always so compassionate and helpful. Not to mention his great gift and ability to read the other person. I really like his style and method of looking at the big picture.

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jaknmw 5/1/2017 stars Chat Reading

Extremely unhappy with my session with Stasch. His answer to my questions was "You will have an insight and a flash of perception." I am sorry?! Why am I paying money to speak with you who is the psychic? Very disappointed!!