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Psychic Stasch x9303

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Featured Review 1Jesse 11/4/2017 stars Phone Reading

11/25/17 Said things are transpiring right under my nose. Maybe not as fast as I wanted them to happen but it’s also a blessing in disguise to remove any problems. November is going to be a very good month for me with lots of good things to come all the patience and sacrifices I’ve made are going to pay off. Career is going to be the first to come and someone from my past is going to reach out which is going to be my sign that things are going to start happening fast and I’m gonna need my rest for what’s to come.

Rose1114 11/26/2017 stars Phone Reading

Awesome as always.

joseph33 11/9/2017 stars Chat Reading

What do you do when there is considerable uncertainty between two lovers when they are separated by thousands of miles, trapped by their past choices, their current circumstances, and constrained by external limitations? Our love for each other is not in doubt, but the resolution of the dilemma that is keeping us from openly and freely professing our love for each other, and acting on it, depends on circumstances that neither of us can control. What do you tell the client when the outcome may depend on things that have yet to be determined--when two lovers are perplexed by their circumstances, and resolution is uncertain? You tell the truth about what you see. That is what you do. And that is what Stasch always does. I now know that I must be prepared for the worst although the things that keep us apart that are by no means settled. Nothing is written in stone--yet. I love this woman dearly and I know she loves me but can we ever consummate our relationship? Will this end well or is fate writing us into a Shakespearean tragedy? I do not know. And Stasch does not pretend to know either. But he understands the dilemma of 'star-crossed' lovers well and will not lie to you to make you feel better. He understands that as humans we must sometimes endure considerable pain--the pain of uncertainty, the pain of love lost, the pain of unconsummated love, the pain of human incarnation. I do not know what the outcome will be, but now I am prepared to accept whatever comes our way. Thank you, Stasch. I can now be prepared for whatever ending is written.

Spiritual 10/31/2017 stars Phone Reading

Stasch is a gentle, wise and caring reader with an OUTSTANDING gift. He helped me tremendously.

Sweetfanta 10/26/2017 stars Chat Reading

Very gifted.

surelywill 10/18/2017 stars Chat Reading

Just on time and quick response. very happy .

mankulos 10/15/2017 stars Chat Reading

What I needed to know was on deck. happy I had the chat with you and that was outstanding.

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joseph33 10/15/2017 stars Chat Reading

Stasch gets right to the point and really respects your time. He covered every aspect of the question I asked and it was obvious that he connected both with me and the woman I asked about very deeply. What impressed me most is that this is a man who has obviously experienced many difficult things in his life...but whatever pain he experienced has been transformed into wisdom and compassion. This is not someone who will dispense cookie-cutter readings...he is 'blood-and-bone' real. Great! Great! Great! Thank you so much, Stasch.

alingo 9/24/2017 stars Chat Reading

Well done!

1Jesse 8/27/2017 stars Phone Reading

Pleasant man to speak with but predictions given did not happen.