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Psychic Stasch x9303

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Featured Review Slovakgirl 12/19/2016 stars Phone Reading

I couldn't sleep one night & called Stash on a whim...I was pleasantly surprised to find him on point & on the money without giving him much information! I love his reading style. I hung up the phone feeling nourished & fulfilled with the information he shared with me! I definitely will call him again :-)

BigBoss 2/16/2017 stars Chat Reading

Vague and ask too many questions.

Anabelle 2/15/2017 stars Phone Reading

Great reading. Let's see what happens.

Ruffin8073 1/20/2017 stars Phone Reading


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LookingforHope 12/25/2016 stars Chat Reading

It was slow, generic, one word sentences before the chat was cut off. I literally got nothing out of this 'reading'

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nicolewhitaker 12/25/2016 stars Phone Reading

Accurate and Awesome!

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Lalalatata11 12/18/2016 stars Phone Reading

Stasch is extremely sweet. Very caring. You can tell he wants the best for his callers. However, he was completely wrong on time frames and everything else.

Andie215 12/14/2016 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Stasch, I was having issues with my internet connection

scout67279 12/14/2016 stars Chat Reading

Very nice and clear. Thank you!

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Marika99 12/13/2016 stars Chat Reading

Stasch has helped me many times, with imporant decisions in my life. He has been very accurate, shown great compassion and understanding. He was honest. Which I appreciate. The most important conversation some weeks ago, was life changing for me. Thank you so much, Stash.