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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
  • Tools: Astrology, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Wise

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More About Joy

The Voice told Joy not to lock the door of the green hobbit sized bathroom in which she was standing. It said the lock was broken and she would be stuck in there for hours until they found her grandfather. She watched her dimpled three year old hand reach right out and lock the door. Three and a half hours later as her grandfather was taking the door off its hinges came lesson #1: Oh, the voice knows and sees things I don’t and it is here to guide and look out for me. I think I’ll do what it says the next time. This was the first of the lifelong teachings from the Voice, “Life is safer and funner when I listen and do what it says.” The spiritual advantages in which Joy lived were that the circumstances drove her inward to the voice for comfort and survival and honed her empathic and psychic skills.

Joy studied with several medicine men and her spirituality is a combination of Shamanism, Christian/Judaic wisdoms and Celtic traditions. Her life is ordered around her relationship with the voice, astrology, feng shui and living in atonement with the Presence of the Love-Light. Joy is a clairvoyant, empathic life coach. She reads energy fields and emotions to see and feel issues in your life and relationships to reveal what is occurring now and how these present energies will affect your future. If the outcome is undesirable, Joy can help unravel and clear the energy to manifest the results you want in your life, relationships, work and soul path.

She is a nature lover, conservationist and communicates with plants, trees, animals, angels and nature spirits. Joy is an acupuncturist and does soul retrievals for people and animals that have lost a piece of themselves through trauma.

Her passion is helping people become who they should be.

Words of Wisdom

" We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole." Jane Fonda

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Featured Review Kimmyann 3/17/2017 stars Phone Reading

Joy was great we had a quick connection she was honest and was a very good reading.

PaulaE1206 3/12/2017 stars Phone Reading

Joy is great. My reading was very specific and even though not what I 'wanted' to hear, I knew it was accurate to my situation. I would definitely call her again. Thanks Joy!

Moonbeems 3/10/2017 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet, sorry I couldn't continue the conversation.

Peanut885 3/9/2017 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much,, didn't get a chance to tell you!! You were great and sound like a wonderful person?? Your insight was the best

Duckie51 3/5/2017 stars Phone Reading

Once again as always, Joy gave me truth, peace, and joy with her uplifting reading tonight. She was spot on with her vision with what transpired with my beloved tonight because as Joy was describing what she was picking up, my guy texted and said the exact same thing! It has been a long,time since we talked but it is as if we just spoke yesterday: our connection right from'the beginning has always been strong and real. I have missed you my dear Joy. I love your explanation of the (meaning of the) two eclipses as they related to my and my.beloved's journey. God bless you Joy and thank you for sharing your gift with us so lovingly and generously.

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