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Psychic Ricky x8106

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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant
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More About Ricky

Ricky became aware of his psychic abilities at a very early age, and has worked since to refine his unique intuitiveness to connect to you personally and your energy with genuine care, with no judgement. Ricky has a proven connection to the Spirit World and will strive to bring your loved ones on the other side, providing compelling evidence of the continuity of life and love. This is a sacred privilege that Ricky would be grateful to provide. When Ricky attunes with his intuitive abilities, he can help you discern your best choices to achieve your goals and transform your life.

When not traveling promoting the love of the Spirit World, or furthering his education to better serve his clients, Ricky enjoys his home with a wonderful spouse, dogs and cats.

Words of Wisdom

"The only person better than you is the person you have yet to become." -Juliet Dillilnger

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Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast Series: Being a Medium by Psychic Ricky

27 October 2016

Every medium is different. In Ricky's podcast, he offers various techniques that he has developed over the years that resonate with his own individual spirit, but he explains that it's important that you adapt these variations to fit your own needs. You should always be open to new educational opportunities to enhance your gifts. Continue Reading

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Featured Review MsEsq34 6/4/2017 stars Phone Reading

Ricky is always a great adviser and I really enjoy talking to him. His mediumship skills are excellent, and they have given me a great deal of peace and happiness since my parent died a few years ago. He is very in tune with my situations and relationships, and I'm very confident in his abilities. I truly believe he is a conduit to my loved ones on the other side, and so many things he communicated wouldn't be known except to my family and someone with his gift. Many things he predicted also have come to pass. Timelines aren't always as accurate, but I don't think that is because he isn't talented. I think it's because the other person in the situation isn't yet in a place for these events to unfold as quickly. He's an excellent adviser and like talking to a funny and supportive friend. I love talking to him and will definitely call again.

Findnewlove 6/14/2017 stars Phone Reading

I honestly do not remember what Ricky told me. What's funny is, before our call ended, he said, which is the most important thing that summed it all, "it's not over". I know you're right Ricky. I've read with you before, not that often, in fact just a couple times, due to the fact that is so hard to get on your line. But those few times you have been right. A little off on time frames but end result is the same. Crossing my fingers that this will be the same reading.

Desjjmo 6/11/2017 stars Phone Reading

Hi Ricky... Well, 9 days has come and gone and still no contact!! Sadly I'm not surprised.. But, I am tired of waiting for something that is never going to happen and it is probably time for me to move on. To think that I actually believed he loved me enough to fight for this relationship. I am in your line one more time to hear what you have to say to me.. and I still very much believe and have faith in what you do. Please keep helping people the way you do. I am truely grateful for all your help through these past few years!!

Xoscorpio 6/10/2017 stars Chat Reading

Ricky is absolutely amazing, he is so kind hearted and down to earth. He hit everything on the head and him & his sister gave me the exact same interpretation when I asked about a dream which was super crazy because I was asking about a dream that someone else had that I had no idea about. I will check back in if predictions come to pass, but he was so in tune I have absolute faith in his ability.

ChrisParis 6/4/2017 stars Phone Reading

Sorry Ricky, could not add more dollars. But thank you so much for the conversation! Until now, I felt very lonely trying to figure things out and you really helped me understand what's happening.... I have a lot to learn for sure and I will follow your advice. Thank you so much Ricky! Looking forward to talking to you very soon. Take care.

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