Psychic Crystal x8074

Psychic Crystal x8074

Crystal Clear

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  • Specialties: Energy Healing, Love Psychic, Pet Psychic
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  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Crystal

Since age five, Crystal has been able to hear and feel the inner thoughts and feelings of people and animals around her. While challenging at first, over time Crystal began to trust and treasure her abilities. This allowed her to truly blossom and discover all of the gifts she was blessed with. Crystal can assist you with relationships, family concerns, career and finance, past lives, and many other situations.

Using spirit guides, Crystal believes that love and light can help you through the dark times in your life. Crystal’s gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and channeling can help you reach the goals you are aiming for and achieve a better life.

Crystal does not judge or compare. An ordained minister, she enjoys sharing her spiritual gift with everyone! Crystal’s gifts provide her much happiness and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

Words of Wisdom

"Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind,considerate,forgiving and compassionate at all times, in all places and under all conditions with everyone as well as yourself. This is the greatest gift anyone can give." -David R. Hawkins

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Featured Review SmartLady7 6/18/2017 stars Phone Reading

PHENOMENTALLY GIFTED!! I ONLY provided my First name and she read my life as if she were Reading chapter and verse of a well written biography. I have never had anyone so tuned into my psyche that they could be so DETAILED and never miss one thing. She didn't take a pause she continued the entire time non stop answering every question I thought of in my head Before I could ask it aloud. She is Simply Amazing and she did not disappoint any aspect of my reading. I was trying my best to keep my composure but she touched on topics and things only my immediate family (mother) and 1 other person would know, I cried and then began to smile! I read with several people on this site and they were good, but Crystal was Fantastic on every level. She is an Elite, God-gifted, kind, sincere and encouraging young lady. She made we want to stay on the line and never disconnect the call. How could she know my present and future plans without me sharing one word of it? Only God knows. I can assure you , if you're open and honest she can provide you with what most want, Honestly, Accuracy , Professionalism, Guidance and Hope in love and life! You've touched my life today in a very special and unique way! Thank you does not express my gratitude. Please never quit spreading your sweet and kind soul with others!

Daydreamer 6/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Whoa we had a lengthy discussion today-- Crystal is willing to hear and analyze with you-- she did for me-- and I will also add I love how much she gets C. I mean she really gets him! I'm the type of client that likes to dig and analyze, and not leave a stone unturned before I end my reading. So she will go there with me. I am thankful for your insight Crystal! xoxo.

TrudyD 6/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed this first reading with Crystal. I can't really confirm what she felt is true but I have to say it does resonate with me and what I wish it to be. I wish I knew the person in question a little better to be able to confirm what she told me is true. If it pans out, I'll surely be back. Crystal is just lovely. I know this doesn't help much but I don't feel like she was feeding me a fairytale. Going to stay positive on this one. Thanks Crystal!

Daydreamer 6/20/2017 stars Phone Reading

Extremely thorough. Explains all aspects in a way I can digest.

Daydreamer 6/18/2017 stars Phone Reading

She really knows my temperament and understands how if I react with how I'm feeling it will mess everything up. Well Crystal, I haven't heard from him last night as you predicted, but that's ok. The time is easing my anger and just helping me be more receptive because I do miss him. I know your advice is good. You last left me with advice to not fight but to remain rational. I hope to do just that.

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