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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
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  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Faith

Faith is a high-level Intuitive Empath and Clairsentient. She is especially adept in the areas of Love, Intimacy, and Career/Financial Success. She has over 20 years experience and her natural gifts are further enhanced by her life skills and degrees in Psychology and Business.

Faith is compassionate yet direct, and particularly gifted at unblocking stuck energy and opening chakras. She also can also sense the potential intentions and thoughts of those around you – including mates, love interests, close friends and family, or co-workers. Her expertise extends to areas of deep pain, heartbreak, or grief: especially when something in the past has subdued or hidden your life passion, sexuality, intimacy, or career satisfaction. If you are unbalanced in your life or energy system, and find yourself stressed or unfulfilled, Faith can help quickly identify and open these areas so you can find yourself again and succeed. She can help through phone or chat to connect you quickly and strongly to your inner spirit and spirit guides to direct you, and help you learn to both see and trust your own intuition and connection to these spirit helpers.

Faith has a lifetime commitment to bringing more love and insight to the planet through helping others, and allowing herself to become a pure vessel for the gifts of Spirit to blossom within each person she speaks to, and guide you to more Love and Fulfillment.

Words of Wisdom

"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends." - Hafiz

Latest Article by Psychic Faith

Could You Benefit From Chakra Unblocking? by Psychic Faith

30 November 2015

When you have an energy block in one or more of your chakras, it prevents a full flow of your natural life force. How you cope with pain, loss and relationship challenges are all very important in order to restore your daily passion and unblock your stuck chakras. Read more

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4½ stars (74 Ratings in last 90 days)

233 reviews since Oct 2015

Featured Review dreaminggirl88 1/26/2017 stars Chat Reading

This reading was spectacular! She was so quick to answer, and took the time to really let me know what was actually going on with any questions I had. She encouraged me to ask more questions (without feeling rushed) and she was very kind and helpful in so many ways. Would definitely recommend you to get a reading from her. She is one of the best!! :)

Larry1977 1/29/2017 stars Phone Reading

Really great reading and confirmed a lot of details. Thank you Faith!!!

Kj2012 1/29/2017 stars Chat Reading

She gets the nuances of situations and people. I have been reading with her for over a year about a twin flame relationship that drives me nuts and she keeps me sane. I'm hoping my twin and I come together this year as she predicts.

sn0wb0ard 1/27/2017 stars Chat Reading

I really love Faith's readings. She's very quick in her chat responses, she answers all my questions thoroughly and always helps me see different sides to what I'm asking about. Thank you!

grace12 1/20/2017 stars Phone Reading

Everything she said was true. There definitely was a connection, and I can say that I trust her.

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