Psychic Shira x9223

Psychic Shira x9223

Energy balancing-Raising Vibrations

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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Love Psychic, Pet Psychic
  • Tools: Reiki/Healing, Uses No Tools, Crystals
  • Reading Style: Wise

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More About Shira

Shira has been working as a clairvoyant, healer, spiritual counselor and life coach for over 30 years. She is an energy worker, focusing on clearing and balancing energy (healing) to help you become centered, self-empowered and move into alignment with your highest wishes. Shira is able to see, hear and feel the energy around any situation, to identify any interference and to enhance the positive. Blocks can be anything from past life energies, shut down chakras, someone else’s attention, or your inner wisdom trying to redirect you.

Miracles are everywhere, let her show you.

Shira is adept at Law of Attraction, language patterns, guided meditations and NLP. She is honest, direct and understanding. She reads from a light trance, which puts her in a neutral, clear state. Shira has years of experience with every possible scenario: love, money, couples, businesses, etc. She has tremendous success helping couples with the spiritual aspects of pregnancy (after traditional ways failed), body weight issues, introducing or reactivating Spirit Guides and bringing forward lessons from past lives.

Come with questions, or have an aura or chakra reading and/or balancing. Everyone needs a little touch up, boost or recharge every so often.

Shira loves her work and gets invigorated by helping others. Her passion is working with you to enhance every area of your life including accessing your own inner guidance/intuition. Contact Shira to dance with the known and the unknown.

If she is not logged in and you want to speak with her, go ahead and get in the call line and she will make an effort to get back on as soon as she sees you waiting!

Words of Wisdom

"Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. " - Anonymous

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Featured Review ellemgee 3/16/2017 stars Chat Reading

Unbelievable! Not a word from me...And Exact ON EVERYTHING. I am in AWE.

VivianW 3/16/2017 stars Chat Reading

Timer is off so I want to thank you Shira for your clearing and good guidance, hope I can make a miracle:)

wildfire87 1/19/2017 stars Chat Reading


charlie1982 11/11/2016 stars Chat Reading

Always a great experience with Shira! She helped me with a headache Ive had with the last few days..and is always on the money with what the cause of things are. And even when I think something isn't ALWAYS comes to fruition.

avabella 11/3/2016 stars Chat Reading

I didn't ask for a prediction, just a general read on a person. She seemed to describe him exactly. Sometimes general phrases can apply to most people, right? Which is what I find most advisors end up doing....using same old descriptions, generic but applicable. but even knowing that, her comments were pretty spot on - more so then the usual generic stuff. Left me a little impressed, actually.

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