Psychic Katie x9191

Psychic Katie x9191

Clarity and kindness.

4½ stars (9 Ratings)

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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Uses No Tools
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

Subject & Expertises

Career & Finances

  • Co-Worker Disputes
  • Career Changes
  • New Job

Life, Destiny & Meaning

  • Embracing Change/Getting Unstuck
  • Life coaching
  • Spirituality

Love, Relationships & Family

  • Breakups/Divorce
  • Sibling/Parental Issues
  • Toxic Relationships

More About Katie

Katie has had psychic gifts all of her life. Since childhood, she has been able to pick up information from people, animals and circumstances around her, and as an adult, she sought education and information on how to understand and refine these skills.

Working as a professional psychic for the last 15 years, Katie loves nothing more than to be able to connect with her clients' energy and guides to give them clear, concise information that serves their highest good. No matter what the circumstances a client is facing, there is always a positive, hopeful path that can be chosen, and Katie will share what she sees as the best options, keeping in mind that everyone has free will to choose what path to take. The ability to share information that provides some encouragement, relief, and peace to her clients is her greatest joy, as she believes that nothing helps your own heart more than helping another.

If she is not logged in and you want to speak with her, go ahead and get in the call line and she will make an effort to get back on as soon as she sees you waiting!

Words of Wisdom

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Teresa

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4½ stars (9 Ratings in last 90 days)

48 reviews since Apr 2015

Featured Review lenica24 8/2/2016 stars Chat Reading

very quick with answers, literally told me what path I should follow when that exact morning I had though about it. she is truly gifted. if you are looking for a psychic I would defiantly recommend you to her.

travel123 10/17/2016 stars Chat Reading

thank u

nealja2 10/1/2016 stars Chat Reading

She was great, provided me with answers needed.

madeline1234 8/18/2016 stars Chat Reading

ty so much that helped me

desirees 7/27/2016 stars Chat Reading


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