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Psychic Therese x7215

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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Career Psychic, Clairsentient
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Wise

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  • Love, Relationships & Family - 11

More About Therese

Therese is a third-generation psychic, a professional counselor with a master’s degree in psychology and a true connection to the spirit realm.

Through psychic impressions and the wisdom of Tarot, she will give you psychic ‘snapshots’ of others, to gain a new understanding of their true feelings and motivations, as well as what is really going on in any situation. Always honest, insightful and nonjudgemental, Therese quickly clarifies confusion, uncovers hidden obstacles and helps to formulate new strategies, to attain your highest goals, be it love, career or finance.

Given the current upheaval in our world, which has created even more relationship, business and financial challenges for so many, Therese’s guidance will enable you to rise above the chaos, apply new information to your situation, and when needed, give you the insight and clarity to plan a new life course.

Therese’s extensive training and experience in the field of relationships and human behavior coupled with her psychic abilities, create a synergy in her readings. She always starts and remains in the psychic vision, but pulls in psychology, dream interpretation and spiritual path analysis, to allow for a deep excavation into the issues.

Therese is a liberating spiritual force and will always lead you to centeredness and peace. If you are seeking the truth, contact Therese at Ext. 7215.

Words of Wisdom

Wisdom outweighs any wealth. Sophocles

Latest Article by Psychic Therese

Why the Tarot? by Psychic Therese

24 May 2016

Psychic Advisor Therese has provided satisfying readings to countless Psychic Source customers. If you've ever wondered why she uses a particular Tarot Card deck and spread, take a peek behind the curtain as Therese explains all in the conclusion of her 3-part article series, "Tarot Tuesdays With Therese." Read more

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1735 reviews since Apr 1998

Featured Review BayareaGirl 10/28/2016 stars Phone Reading

Therese will never steer you wrong. She speaks to you with honesty, compassion and guidance. No delay or wasted time. Most importantly, Therese will not leave you hanging. She follows through with her thoughts and finish with a prediction. Therese is the best. I love you Therese!!!! I will remember everything. "R" situation is still there for me. Stay in touch. I always feel your energy of strength and wisdom. Thank You.

Ryanphoeb 11/27/2016 stars Phone Reading

I waited for my first reading for days. Missed the call and got put back and number 50. Waitied for more days. I could have used someone else but I wanted to go with her based on the reviews. I am so glad I did. She asked if I would get the job and I did like she predicted. Asked about love life (of course) -'d she picked up that he is going through legal issues (correct), picked up he has bipolar(correct), picked up so MANY other things. Made some other time line predictions I can't wait to see if they come to pass. WORTH THE WAIT!

Raym57 11/20/2016 stars Phone Reading

Wow I really enjoyed this reading she was spot on with everything she is like a friend I never had very easy to talk to. There is a reason there are always 50 people waiting to get a reading from her and trust me when I tell you it was well worth the wait. Thank you so much

Kisha193 11/20/2016 stars Phone Reading

I waited forever to get a reading based on the reviews, however I found Therese to shuffle the cards for each question taking a lot of time. She also asked numerous questions asking what I was looking for. I gave 3 stars based on the fact she predicted things other advisors.

Lovingheart 11/19/2016 stars Phone Reading

Therese is 5stars plus 100 more! She has true psychic abilities and cares about her clients. I call about same person/situation and she is always kind. I have been reading with Therese for about a year and a half. I don't regret any money I've spent either! I remembered the last conversation I had with M.... on this reading...Therese said his exact words... this is not the 1st time she has done that! (I didn't get to tell you on the reading I had after this one) I know when Therese tells me what's going on, She is right! I dont know why I question it! I usually get confirmation a month or so later from him. I would have let my emotions get the best of me by now. But Thanks to having her to talk to to, I am able to be patient. I do get emotional, but I don't react. Therese's guidance and insight has helped me tremendously. I don't always get to tell you Thanks, as I run out of time. I hope I hear something by the time we speak again. Meanwhile, I will reread my notes and try keep positive. I believe you, when you tell me what's going on. You are a true blessing and I can't thank you enough.

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