Psychic Noah x9084

Psychic Noah x9084

Insightful & Informative

4½ stars (80 Ratings)

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Tarot, Uses No Tools
  • Reading Style: Direct

Subject & Expertises

Career & Finances

  • Career Changes
  • New Job
  • Co-Worker Disputes

Life, Destiny & Meaning

  • Unlocking psychic abilities
  • Life coaching
  • Spirituality

Love, Relationships & Family

  • Finding love/Soulmates
  • Cheating/Wandering Hearts
  • LGBT Relationships

More About Noah

Noah is a skilled master psychic medium with over 30 years of experience. He utilizes his abilities as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and medium towards giving extreme details and description. Noah possesses a strong gift of insight; seeing and hearing thoughts, intentions, feelings, and motivations of others. He is nonjudgmental and speaks with true compassion and understanding.

Words of Wisdom

"I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being."- Confucius

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4½ stars (80 Ratings in last 90 days)

280 reviews since Oct 2014

Featured Review Mimi420 8/13/2016 stars Phone Reading

Noah went straight to the heart of the issue without a single word from me. He definitely understood the heart of the present circumstances and was able to give details when I asked. I will need to wait to see about predictions but I appreciated his tone, and skills very much. Will definitely call back again

DieLiebeIstSeltsam 9/15/2016 stars Phone Reading

Noah is the BEST kept secret that PS has. What a GEM he is! His readings are calming, yet the detail he gives in them is spectacular. Out of loneliness and disillusionment, I had called Noah several times since last year, asking him about the guy I’d meet. He never wavered from what he saw, and he saw someone coming into my life at the end of summer this year. Filled with curiosity, and just wanting to feel closer to this shadow of a man with whom I was someday to connect, I asked Noah to describe him, and he did, with terrifyingly accurate and minute detail. He told me where he saw us talking, what surrounded us, how much time we would be spending with each other, how we would be spending it, the exact topics we would be discussing, down to the thoughts which would cross my mind, the places we would discuss where we both visited at different times of our lives, and how unusual his glasses were. Imagine my shock when all of what Noah had been describing had transpired a few weeks ago on that one fateful day. It did not occur to me that I was actually living what Noah had been telling me about for many months, until after each prediction came true, sometimes almost immediately, and sometimes with the “Aha” moment coming on minutes later. I could not wait to call Noah to tell him about the things that had happened, of the predictions I could recall actually coming to pass. Noah also gently asked me if certain other things occurred, predictions that I had forgotten him giving me, and I actually validated them. No one psychic has ever been as spot on with details as Noah has been, and I have spoken with many psychics on this site. I absolutely look forward to watching all other predictions come to pass with quiet anticipation. I know I have forgotten some of his predictions already, but Noah remembers them, and he still has not wavered from his most recent predictions. If you want very minute details in any prediction, Noah is THE psychic you’d want to speak with. Other top psychics have also predicted the very same man to come into my life, but no one has been as thorough as Noah. In short, Noah is amazing. Thank you for holding my hand all this time and quietly guiding me through difficult times, Noah. I’m glad I have you.

Dan6110 9/13/2016 stars Phone Reading

He was spot on the first time. Repeated the same thing second time and vague the third time..

djrotz 9/10/2016 stars Phone Reading


SF1234 8/27/2016 stars Phone Reading


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