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Psychic Sadia x8659

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Sadia

Sadia offers this advice to everyone she comes in contact with: “Live fully in the moment.”

Sadia has a natural grace and soothing spirit that goes well with her gift of mediumship and clairvoyance. Since birth, Sadia has felt the desire to assist others contact those that have passed on to the other side. Those who seek her out finally find closure and move forward with their lives, after what are sometimes long periods of grief or unanswered questions.

For issues in the here and now, Sadia uses the tarot to enhance her innate clairvoyant and empathetic abilities. Through a strong connection to your energy and the energy of those around you, she is able to get answers to questions about the relationships in your life. The in-depth and specific information she provides about their feelings and behaviors will assist you in making decisions about what approach to take.

"I always tell my clients nothing in life is a mistake and they should view everything as an experience." Sadia’s insights are intended to guide you through your life experiences, concerns and changes...and through those changes, you will gain confidence and personal growth.

To connect with a loved one or get answers about the relationships in your life, call Sadia at extension 8659.

Words of Wisdom

Don't let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Live for today. - Nandina Morris

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04 December 2016

It's our Holiday Gift to you! An all new month of Sundays with Sadia, featuring her exclusive list of the 12 Ways to Make the Most out of your Holiday Season! In the first fun installment, Psychic Sadia takes time to give thanks, explores relationships at the holidays and reminds you about the importance of good communication! Read more

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Featured Review Duckie51 12/1/2016 stars Phone Reading

Having a reading with this lovely, incredibly gifted advisor is akin to talking to one's super most trusted friend, confidant, precise and all rolled into one. Her grasp of where one and one's beloved are at different moments in their journey together, is as profound as it is perfect! Sadia's vision of my lovelife has invariably been this sterling combination of accuracy, honesty, truthfulness, that I come away feeling blessed and illuminated every time with every reading. I adore her and I trust what she imparts completely! She has taught me, made me realize the rare bounty of life and love that I have been so very, very fortunate to have been given so that for me to couch that within the common limitations of minutes and hours is to diminish the grace and beauty of that gift. Thank you dearest Sadia for your guidance, your wisdom, your generous caring and love, which you give all of us who are blessed enough to have found you. And , Sadia, you have the most beautiful, honest laugh to boot--I will call again my friend.

711Lucy 12/1/2016 stars Phone Reading

Consistently accurate and honest. Love her!

Shusha 12/1/2016 stars Phone Reading

I first want to advertise SADIA's PODCAST, her latest guided meditation that helps you release stress and learn to distinguish between emotions belonging to others from those of yours. I wonder if anyone tried that "pink balloon" for love-related pain? I (fortunately) realized that my lover doesn't do anything that hurts me! All my pains are about outsiders telling me things, or imagining things - which in fact evaporate quickly whenever I get a "vitamin charge" (concentrated love, like apple juice or pinacolada) from my boyfriend! But I have this new boy that I care about, whom I've been asking readers about these days, whose attitude may sometimes hurt me.. The pink balloon seems perfect for my (non-severe) pain concerning this boy.. I really feel like I'm his soul sibling. My life coach said we're twins, soul twins, but I guess the connection is too new (for this life time) for Sadia to conclude. Sadia keeps repeating the word "comfort" for what this boy feels when thinking about me. Many used the word "familiarity," and have asked me if I also felt like I've known him from before when I first met him... There was only one person for me who made me feel (when we first looked at each other's faces) as if I'd reunited with a long lost loved one... That was more than 20 years ago... In the next reading, I want to ask Sadia about this one and only who made me feel sort of nostalgic... But I didn't feel anything strong spiritually when I saw this new boy's face. I was just surprised that our skin color (of our hands) and body temperature were almost the same!! My mother told me that we had similar face lines, foreheads, and noses. So are we really twins..? I'm curious!! Thank you for the fun reading, Sadia, where you described me as a HOT, big, rainbow-candied, chocolate chip cookie to this boy! I'm so excited to see where this goes.. and if my lover complains that I give too much attention to the boy, I could tell him to fill up and let go of the pink balloon!! ;o)

Emotional 12/1/2016 stars Phone Reading

Sadia... you are so nice with me and professional... thanks for taking the time and leaving me everytime we talk uplifting messages....when i am down i can read then again:) ... love s-

arnaki1 11/28/2016 stars Phone Reading

Sadia, thank you for always being so honest but also so compassionate. There is progress being made and I am grateful for your accurate insight! You are the best! Love you lots! xoxo

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