Psychic Jackie x8992

Psychic Jackie x8992

Caring Truth

4½ stars (3 Ratings)

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
  • Tools: Astrology, Tarot
  • Reading Style: Expressive

Subject & Expertises

Career & Finances

  • Financial Stress
  • Manifesting Wealth
  • Office Romance

Loss & Grieving

  • Incomplete goodbyes
  • Moving past grief
  • Signs of Connections

Love, Relationships & Family

  • Breakups/Divorce
  • LGBT Relationships
  • Social Media Influence

More About Jackie

A gifted Tarot reader with over 30 years of experience, Jackie helps guide you to the answers you need. Having studied metaphysics for years, her background in the healing arts help soothe your troubled life. No issue is too hard for Jackie to help with, and she is ready to point you towards the path you need to take in life!

Words of Wisdom

“Focus on the good”

Latest Article by Psychic Jackie

Living in the Year of the Fire Red Monkey by Psychic Jackie

24 June 2016

2016 is the year of the Fire Red Monkey in Chinese Astrology. Learn more about what it means if you are born in the Year of the Monkey and how we are in the middle of a lucky year full of epic changes. Read more

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4½ stars (3 Ratings in last 90 days)

170 reviews since Aug 2012

Featured Review Ariesfire 3/4/2016 stars Phone Reading

Everything Jackie has said almost verbatim happened, she said a business partner would be walking away from a deal and I would keep it, she was right. She said another business partner was broke and not thinking clearly, I found out days later, she was right again. She even told me a bank that previously said they wanted to open a credit facility for me would not be able to because they seem to be a failing bank, I looked online and checked them out and they looked good, a few days later they called and said they couldn't do anything and were closing branches, WOW, she is amazing!

RobinU 6/2/2016 stars Phone Reading

Didn't really feel a connection.

arlettaist23 4/3/2016 stars Phone Reading

not so good as before

createyourself 1/27/2016 stars Phone Reading

Seemed very generic and didn't give much information.

lovelylady123 1/23/2016 stars Phone Reading

said I would have predictions unfold within 3 days I would hear from him no later than Sunday well its three days later no contact whatsoever a lot of the stuff that she told me didn't ring true sounded like a repeat of a reading she gave me two years ago almost word for word predictions didn't pan out that time either

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