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Psychic Moira x7776

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairaudient, Pet Psychic
  • Tools: Astrology
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 5
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 6
  • Loss & Grieving - 5
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 10

More About Moira

In-house Astrologer Moira writes the Weekly Love Horoscope for Psychic Source. Her readings are a synthesis of Astrology and Psychic impressions, delivered with compassion, and wisdom. She is also a Transpersonal Healer and Past Life Regression Therapist. Maybe you're looking to understand and heal a current situation in your life; Moira can help examine your relationships and life through her gifts as an intuitive, empathic counselor.

"My goal is to empower you with the information I receive, to uplift you with the truth, and inspire you to embrace your future."

Speaking with Moira is like a having a conversation with a close friend who understands your situation intimately. You’ll find Moira to be wonderfully down to earth and nonjudgmental, but you will rely on her extensive background and gifts to guide you. Need a view to the truth? Call Moira.

Words of Wisdom

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Latest Article by Psychic Moira

Embrace Your Joy: Venus Opposing Pluto - June 30th to July 1st by Psychic Moira

30 June 2016

As we prepare for the upcoming Independence Day weekend, Psychic Advisor Moira helps you make the most of the celebration by embracing your joy. The Venus-Pluto opposition can bring discordant energy, but if you are prepared, you can navigate the waters to enjoy a happy, fun-filled holiday! Read more

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2275 reviews since Mar 2006

Featured Review 711Lucy 9/7/2016 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal! Really took the reading to a deep level, which triggered my own intuition to kick in as well...I was able to truly understand the situation from a different angle. The kind of information she gives is transformative as well as healing. Thank you!

711Lucy 12/2/2016 stars Phone Reading

Consistently awesome. She has a unique way of using the right words that resonate with the truth... proof that she is connecting with your situation and knows exactly what's going on. Thank you my friend! xo

Tisa79 11/29/2016 stars Phone Reading

So....Moira told me a couples of weeks ago that I'd meet a man who was very good-looking and around 6'2 or 6'3, and that this was going to be the man I end up with. She said I'd meet him very close to Thanksgiving, or possibly a few days later. Well, I spoke to her again about 4 days ago, and about 20 minutes after the call ended, this tall and very handsome man (6'2 by his own words) walks up to me while I was buying food at a store I was at. Mind you, this is a huge store and the odds of me meeting this guy seemed pretty slim. But she said it, and it happened!!! I'm still in complete amazement!!

IslanderPari 11/29/2016 stars Phone Reading

Greetings fellow PS callers, I have been a PS customer for a while now and there are days when I spend most of the waking hours on the phone with the advisors (no, im not joking or being sarcastic). Moira has become my go-to advisor, she is a teacher, an advisor, a friend, and a confidante. Moira has this uncanny ability to pick up on people I have enquired about and sometimes even the ones I didn't enquire about. She has seen my current love interest sleeping in his childrens room and the room having two twin beds (I didn't even ask her this). In another instance she had seen this particular gentleman sleeping in his Jeep during his divorce (again true and I had not made any mention of if), she also kept seeing this "airplane guy" around me, well the love of my live is a pilot etc etc. Moira is also kind beyond measure. Timing is difficult for any advisor and com'on if we mortal beings could make "Nostradamus" like predictions that there would be no need for a higher being right :). Just talking to Moira always makes me feel better, give her a call and be ready to get blown away. Kind and compassionate, full of love and understanding for her callers she is one of the best on here. p.s She is also always on time to log on and very professional.

travel123 11/28/2016 stars Phone Reading

Amazing and so accurate wish i had more $ to add. Gave me hope and confidence to carry on will def call again!!

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