Psychic Tina Lee x8443

Psychic Tina Lee x8443

Calming Emotional Storms

4½ stars (32 Most Recent Ratings)

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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Love Psychic
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More About Tina Lee

Raised in a small Texas town by a very traditional Christian family, Tina Lee received the gift of “second sight” from and was greatly influenced by her grandmother. Going through rough times gives Tina Lee a “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” attitude.

Living her life for her family and her clients, she welcomes her clients into her world as her friends. She hopes you give her the chance to become a spiritual advisor and looks forward to meeting many of you!

Words of Wisdom

"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love." -Albert Einstein

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12 February 2014

Relationships are sometimes difficult to deal with—especially if the same argument seems to happen over and over again. Want to get out of that cycle? Tired of fighting over the same thing? Continue Reading

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4½ stars (32 Most Recent Ratings)

529 reviews since Sep 2011

Featured Review lalajutch 11/19/2017 stars Phone Reading

Tina is a lovely reader! She was clear, focused and answered all my questions and more! The 20 minute reading was perfect and I am extremely satisfied and impressed! I myself am a reader and cannot read myself. I've tried many readers and haven't been able to find one like Tina. I highly recommend and will be definitely "seeing" her again! Thank you, Tina! -Grace

Lois13 11/17/2017 stars Phone Reading

THANK YOU SO MUCH TINA I always love your readings...*"I Have So Much Power Over Him"!!!! YAHOO LOVE IT!!!!!..Lol THAT SCARES ME just saying it!!!!!..I have to remember the WHITE LIGHT From Heaven today was another INTENSE day.

lovelylady123 11/10/2017 stars Phone Reading

Thank you we will see what happens within the next week.

Daydreamer 11/2/2017 stars Chat Reading

Great read. She connected very well to me and C. Interesting to me that she picked up on his anguish over whether he should attend the fundraiser I'm attending due to his nervousness in seeing me. Im going to be a ball of nerves myself. She's honest and forthcoming with what she sees.

SarahJane2816 10/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Tina thank you so much! Our reading was very powerful for me. She is the real deal. It took her just a few moments to tune right in, get the question and then the answer. What you said to me will stick with me forever and it was such a brief phone call. Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens among other things she said that helped so much. She is very in tune with people's life purpose which I believe is the key to a truly good intuative to take moments and tie them to the big picture. Thank you for your kind words and advice from spirit. I will call you to update on what happens this week. ?? I highly recommend!!!!!

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