Psychic Jimmy x8346

Psychic Jimmy x8346

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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Career Psychic, Clairsentient
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 10
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 5
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 47

More About Jimmy

Having learned the Tarot at a young age, Jimmy is most skilled with the cards & possesses unique abilities to further assist you.

Tarocchi is the Game of Life. When Jimmy lays your cards down he sees your hidden influencs, secret desires, & true intentions. You have questions, Jimmy has answers. Knowing your hand you will know better how to play it.

Jimmy’s family has been reading the Tarot for generations. All you need to play Tarocchi is an open mind & desire to get answers.

Jimmy looks forward to hearing from you.

Words of Wisdom

"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination." -Voltaire

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434 reviews since Jun 2011

Featured Review Daydreamer 6/16/2017 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for always being so kind. You never tire from my questions, even though it's the same scenario I'm seeking clarity regarding. And you always sound happy to hear from me. I enjoy my reads with u. U picked up on my depression rather quickly and even admitted that you've never picked that emotion up from me before. And I rephrase my questions and your responses so I'm clear as to what you are saying and you gladly rephrase to make sure I get. Thanks for everything.

Findnewlove 6/16/2017 stars Phone Reading

Thank u Jimmy. I want to tell everyone that this guy is great, very professional. I have talked to other advisors who can't take a negative reaction or feedback. I understand these psychics can't always be right 100%. But at least leading u to the right path is impt. Jimmy had always given me hope. When things seemed hopeless, that's when his predictions happen. Yaks again, and don't ever change, be the kind and understanding person u always are, that's a blessing. Whether predictions happen or not, I will keep coming back, because I believe, hopefully Jimmy doesn't get tired of me.

Elle_anonymous 6/16/2017 stars Phone Reading

I've been reading with Jimmy for some time now and I have to say that he is always on point with his predictions. He also picks up on other situations surrounding the question without me even sharing the info with him which impresses me even more so. He is also great at picking up on the feelings and what's going on with the other person. He is definitely my go to guy! Thanks, Jimmy! :-)

star123 6/14/2017 stars Phone Reading

I've gotten readings from Jimmy before & had called him often over 2014-2015. I had questions that I wanted time-lines for, & I know Jimmy is the man for that job. Jimmy is pretty fast with providing information that links up with the questions you ask him. He's very non-judgmental & Patient too! Jimmy's been the only adviser I've really ever spoken to who's been able to accurately give a time line in relation to my questions. He might be a week or 2 off, give or take, but to Me, That's Accurate (he's usually not more than a Day/couple days off though)! I don't know how he does that. I needed to ask him a few more questions, but I couldn't purchase more minutes. Jimmy's predictions for me are supposed to happen during This Month (June '17). I gave him 5 Stars because he's been accurate many times for me in the past, so I have good reason to believe he'll be accurate for me now ( Maybe I have some hope & faith after all :P ). If the Time-Lines for his predictions come true, I hope I can come back on Jimmy's page to let everyone know, so if anyone else needs a time-line reading, they'll save some money & go directly to Jimmy.

walkbyfaith 6/2/2017 stars Phone Reading

On June 2nd, said I would have contact in 24/48 hours. Today is June 7th still no contact. I understand free will and timing can be off so let's see what happens. I have had others make predictions and be spot on or just a little off this. There still is another prediction yet to happen, I am keeping faith that his next prediction is more accurate.

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