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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of October 16th, 2017

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week Mercury and Mars change signs, and the New Moon rises in graceful Libra. The energy swirling around the current planetary dance is both beneficial and challenging – will you embrace it, or push against it?

Expect to hear the unfiltered truth when communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio (Tuesday, October 17 Mercury Enters Scorpio 3:59 am). Under the influence of intuitive Scorpio, Mercury dispenses with unnecessary rhetoric, paring communication down to elegant, absolute certainty. There is ample support for Mercury in Scorpio, in the form of Moon-Mars- Venus conjunctions in Virgo, and we will find words that shine and heal, revealing uncomplicated solutions. Let your words be words of love.

Thursday, October 19 Libra New Moon at 3:12 pm. The New Moon in graceful Libra activates the relationship zone of the Zodiac. Libra rules the seventh house; the area of relationships and our expectations in one-on-one connections. During the Libra New Moon, we may wish to set our intentions to welcome new romantic relationships. This lunar energy adds style, balance, and delight to everything you do. Create a spa-like Libra ambiance, begin your day with a New a Moon meditation. Have fun with a Venus themed New Moon ceremony to put the spark back into a current relationship. Pause and focus on new beginnings and Love.

Sunday, October 21 Mars Enters Libra at 2:29 pm. The action planet Mars, moves from careful Virgo, into the graceful, subtle air sign Libra. Mars is the planet of passion and action- Libra is a sign of both conflict and peace, symbolized by Justice holding a pair of scales in one hand and sword in the other. The sword suggests that even gracious and agreeable Libra will take swift and sure action when things shift too far out of balance. Libra is a relationship sign, the ruler of the seventh house. Mars may seem a bit confused when Libra wants to arrange the furniture and make things cozy, for fiery Mars plans to strike out independently. The natural tendency is hesitation (not stagnation) as Libra wants to be fair in making decisions and Mars want to rush ahead. The positive expression of Mars is Libra converts the Mars energy into decisive action resulting in pure harmony through active kindness. Mars in Libra is a team player.

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