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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of December 11th, 2017

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Time seems to slow down as Mercury's retrograde journey through wise, wonderful Sagittarius connects the dots with the past. More thoughtful conversations emerge, paving the way to rekindling relationships and bringing repair where needed most.

Tuesday and Wednesday, sleepy messengers awaken under a Sun-Retrograde Mercury conjunction. Later in the week, the Moon joins the Sun and Venus in the sign of the Archer, the connection to Retro Mercury it reminds us that we can get it touch with our feelings. Live each day fresh and in touch with your heart. Life is made more precious by each emotion we experience, so indulge and let nothing important be forgotten.

Saturday, the Sagittarius Moon makes a delusional Square to Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarius is an optimist, yet the square to nebulous Neptune weakens Luna upsets the emotional balance and leads the mind to fantasy thinking. The lovely picture or big adventure promised proves to be nothing more than a mirage. If anything sounds wrong or untrue, trust your intuition. Get a second opinion from a friend of confidant or touch base with your favorite Psychic Source Advisors.

We tend to feel a bit rebellious and independent under Saturday’s Sun-Uranus Trine. The overall mood is spontaneous, even brash, but creativity is high, as is emotional-psychic awareness so go with the flow and let your intuition guide you.

A lot is happening this week - stay healthy and connected to your path, and when you need help navigating, get back on course with a call to Psychic Source.

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