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The #1 Easiest Way to Make Your Mark, Help Others, and Spread Kindness

Together, we have the power to be part of something bigger. With your help we can touch the lives of others across the globe. Just choose one of our pre-selected charities and we'll donate a percentage of all your Psychic Source purchases to that charity as part of our brand new Kindness movement...learn more >

Psychic Source presents our free Energy Healing Resource Guide with detailed looks at Auras, Meditation, Chakras, Reiki, Crystals, and much more. It's full of articles, links and beautiful images designed to help you get started on a journey of energy healing and wellness... learn more >

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Stasch x9303

The ability to see what others may not is a special gift, in fact a skill. Stasch has possessed the cherished ability to read and interpret dreams at a young age, 12. Like many readers, he comes from a family of clairvoyants that date back to the 17th century in both Europe and the United States... read more >

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