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Published Date 1/5/2016
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Calling psychics for information and insights is a powerful way to navigate yourself to your best life. One of the most important things to keep in mind when working with a psychic is that they don’t have the power, you do. Geared with invaluable insights can be really empowering when you use it in an empowering way. Always keep in mind that life isn’t happening to you, life is happening for you and with you. 

Feeling Safe
No matter what the probable outcomes are, you still have the power to shift what is coming your way. You may be among the many who feel anxiety around free will. It’s understandable as we are often conditioned to feel unsafe in the unknown, however, one of the things about life is not trying to “one up” the Universe by feeling like we know it all – almost always coming from a deep need to feel safe. 

Remember, your greatest safety lies in your power and your ability to take the insights you receive from your psychic and use them to build the life you want. I am always fascinated to see outcomes come to pass that seem so unreasonable to my personality yet my psychic knowing is clear. 

We must remember we are all on a Sacred and Spiritual Path.

Find Your Power
There are reasons things look one way and really are another. We must learn how to find our power in the valley’s as well as the peaks. A psychic’s greatest job is to be the voice of your soul as you move through those peaks and valleys, and to remind you of your power. Through knowing your power, knowing your intentions and having a positive attitude you can co-create with the Universe with critical insights from your psychic in hand.

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