What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

Published Date 10/1/2014
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Every Advisor approaches their readings in ways that are unique to their psychic gifts, training, personalities and life experiences. As you evaluate your choices of Advisors with whom to connect, it’s helpful to get really clear about your expectations. Are you looking for predictions or guidance? Do you prefer if the Advisor leads the conversation or do you want to ask the questions? Would you rather an in-depth reading or a quick Q&A? Having an idea of how psychic advice works and what you can expect will ensure you get the answers or guidance you’re looking for.

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wolflover: I do not believe that my expectations are out of line by any means. I have gone into the readings with an open mind. I want to know what they "see" in my life. What do the spirit guides tell them? The three psychics I spoke with were nice. I always get told about jobs or my career. I don't have a job nor will I in the future.

Tamara: For me its that strong connection with that psychic that helps! The 1st Hello! Are you, The tone of their voice and so forth .. I don't like when a psychic starts to ask me my birthday or even the other persons B-day! Which I may not know... I've had bad experience when psychics take way to long to answer one or two question to long of a pause on the phone right there and then I just hang up! Have to trust your Intuition, gut feelings about the advisor! Some advisors ask way to much questions, because to me they can't tell anything but to waste time and your money! You can talk to a advisor for the first time, he or she will give you a lot of insights, and the next day or two,( same advisor) the reading has totally change. Some advisors also have attidue, which they shouldn't even be on P/S! So before you call calm yourself , write down your questions! And always that 1st hello, tone of the advisors voice , vibe really helps to see if you connect! Good luck! Tamara

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