Using a pendulum to tap into the soul and subconscious mind

Published Date 6/5/2012
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Using a pendulum to tap into the soul and subconscious mind

A psychic may have the ability to tell an individual about his or her past, present and future through a tarot card reading or numerology, but everyone has different tools for getting in touch with the other side and beyond. One of the most popular objects used to tap into one's tuition is the pendulum.

For years, everyone from phone psychics to people generally interested in spiritualism have used pendulums to gain further insight into their lives. Using pendulums is a reliable way to connect with the soul for a number of reasons.

A pendulum can tap into the energy of the beholder and help individuals reach out to their subconscious mind. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to making big decisions.

In the past, people have been known to use pendulums in order to identify medical problems as well. The theory behind pendulums is that because they can tap into the self-conscious mind, they can help individuals recognize underlying issues with their body.

Many people enjoy using pendulums because of the insight it can provide them into their daily lives. However, seeking the assistance of a psychic can help individuals enrich their experiences and understand any underlying meanings. 

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