Understanding the pros and cons of 7 in numerology

Published Date 6/7/2012
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Understanding the pros and cons of 7 in numerology

When it comes to learning more about your destiny and who you are as a person, numerology can unlock answers to some of your biggest questions.

One number that may be used to define you and your life path during a numerology reading is 7. Each number has a meaning, and 7 has several characteristics that can further categorize you as a thoughtful, wise person.

Individuals who are categorized as 7 are known to be seekers of truth, always pursuing further information and education. These people are also considered to be very analytical.

If you are a 7, you can expect to be dignified, neat and orderly throughout your lifetime - something you may have already noticed about your personality. Sevens tend to be relatively dedicated to their roots and tradition as well.

However, it's important to be mindful of the bad that comes with the good. The number 7 can represent a short temper, and you might also prefer being alone rather than in the presence of others - a characteristic that might make you seem off-beat.

To learn more about your number, speak to a gifted psychic who specializes in numerology. An online psychic reading can help you understand how your number influences your everyday life.

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