Understanding The Fool in a deck of tarot cards

Published Date 6/19/2012
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Understanding The Fool in a deck of tarot cards

In order to make the most of a tarot reading from a psychic, it's important for you to understand the meaning of each of the cards. While the psychic will explain them to you during your reading, familiarizing yourself with the deck beforehand can provide you with reassurance heading into the phone call.

One card that often appears is The Fool. While many people may perceive this as a bad card to receive during a tarot reading, The Fool is not something that should be taken too personally. It may seem negative, but there are many reasons to be optimistic when getting this card.

The Fool often signifies a new portion of an individual's life - the person is headed in a new direction and ready to take on new experiences. If you receive this card, it may represent new opportunities and blind faith.

That being said, it's important to be aware that The Fool can be a red flag, telling you that you need to pay attention to the direction that you are headed in your life. While you may have a wide variety of opportunities in front of you, don't run full speed ahead and fail to see the dangers. Many people find that tarot readings help them foresee the risks and opportunities that lie ahead and make better decisions about their choices.

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