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Published Date 9/12/2012
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Call one of our True Psychics and see what they have to say.

I’ve been reading a lot about psychics and gifts lately. There are a lot of skeptics out there. However, in the process of reading you find all sorts of different sites.  Some are accredited and offer help and insight, while others are scams. I personally don’t care for the ones that send you emails telling you to call them based on future events which could happen to you. Normally these include writings such as having more money, or a future in finance coming, or there is something about a new love in your future telling you to call now and talk to a specific psychic. Unfortunately the psychic has no clue this email was sent, it’s just gab to get you in the door to spend money and talk to someone. Normally it’s expensive, and you end up talking to a different psychic regardless of what the email told you. I’m not saying these psychics don’t have a gift (I’ve talked to plenty who have given me amazing insight). I just feel these types of sites try to get people to spend money by playing off of emotions, hopes, and dreams.  What these sites don’t realize, is the true psychic gift lies within certain people on a spiritual level. Everyone is on a different path. These approaches do not help skeptics and do not portray the truth of what a psychic is all about!

I was brought up differently. A true psychic is one that receives their information by reading energy through the Universe. When someone feels the need to talk to a psychic, it is because they are looking for that communion with Spirit (or God, Mother Earth, whatever you prefer). A true psychic is here as a healer to give each person exactly what they need for their own healing journey. This does not mean we are licensed therapists. We cannot diagnose diseases or disorders. However, we can bring the exact positive energy and insight you need in life to move forward for your healing!

Another common misconception is that we are 100 percent right all of the time. I want to say that we are only human. We live our lives and have good and bad days. We are here to learn and on our own journey just like everyone else.  On top of it, energies and life decisions change on a daily basis. What might be the decision of someone today could become completely different tomorrow or even a couple of weeks from now. The Universe can never fully be explained, therefore it’s insight.  We are only able to read into the energies of that specific phone call or chat. There is always the possibility of change. We can only give the truth of the energy we are reading at that specific time. It is up to you to follow your own path with the insight you are given. You will know if something changes!

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