Tapping into your past life and healing trauma

Published Date 6/10/2012
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Tapping into your past life and healing trauma

Many people have phobias or inexplicable fears that have been with them since childhood. However, these feelings can be difficult to handle if you don't understand what is fueling your fear.

One method that more people are turning to for comfort is past life regression therapy, also commonly referred to as PLR. In many religions, reincarnation explains why some fears transition into another life.

The idea behind past lives is that we take our souls with us as we travel from body to body over time. It is these experiences from our past that are thought to cause everything from intense trauma to silly phobias in our current lives.

Meditation or hypnosis are commonly used to tap into a past life. These tactics allow the body and mind to completely relax, helping with the memory process when it comes to recalling underlying issues.

However, a live psychic can also provide valuable information when it comes to unlocking details of who you were in a past life. Past life readings can help you overcome your fears and understand what your soul endured in the past.

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