Start developing your Psychic Skills by analyzing your feelings.

Published Date 6/17/2012
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Start developing your Psychic Skills!

In my previous Developing your Psychic skills article, I introduced you to the idea of writing down key words of your dreams before you even lift your head from your pillow.

Now it’s time to write your dreams down in your journal.  Buy a new journal and leave the first 4 pages blank.  You will use this as an index for your repeating symbols and dreams.  Review your notes and remember one dream at a time.  Start with the last dream, because that will be the clearest in your mind.  Don’t worry if you only remember one dream, it takes a bit of practice.  Be specific about feelings, emotions, colors, and the theme of your dreams.

This is how you are feeling inside your dream. Are you afraid, happy, laughing, crying, or quite possibly a detached observer?  If you are running, are you running away from something, or are you running towards something, or are you running for fun and exercise.  If you are laughing, is it an appropriate laughter?  If you are laughing at someone’s funeral, it’s not appropriate.  If you are laughing at the company Christmas party, it is very appropriate.  Evaluate now only what you are feeling, but whether or not it is appropriate for the dreamscape.  First, try to feel exactly what you were feeling in the dream and write it down.  Then go back and evaluate whether or not that was appropriate for the dreamscape.  Everything is for a reason and it is important not to judge yourself or the dream harshly.  If you are eating a steak and fries in church on Good Friday there is a definite meaning and message in this.  What we consider “inappropriate” in our normal conscious life can be a powerful message in our dreamscapes.

This is how you feel about the dream, after you wake up. It is not unusual for your first reaction to be one of confusion.  That’s a legitimate emotion, so write it down.  As you practice this, however, your confusion will subside and other more primary emotions will come forward.  To start, denote whether or not you are relieved that the dream is over. Or do you want to go back to sleep to continue the dream.  Do you feel unsettled?  Curious?  Vulnerable?  When you think about the dream in retrospect, when possible, chose a single word to describe how you feel about that dream.  Not what you were feeling in the dream, but how you feel about it now that you are awake.  If you’re not sure, use “confused”.

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