Questions for the Tarot.

Published Date 6/1/2012
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What questions do you have for the Tarot?

The tarot card works a bit differently than most psychic readings. The tarot card gives us a point in which we can focus on, giving us a hint to which direction to take the reading, be that a romantic situation or one about business. Tarot cards also give us an insight to whether the situation is a positive or negative one and how best to proceed. The Tarot, because of the pictures, allows us to give insightful details in the situation.

Every tarot reader has a different deck and style of reading. My deck is called the Devant Tarot. The pictures are on the darker and twisted side, but the advice this deck gives is straight to the point, done so in a soft way. I personally do one of two spreads; a two card spread gears towards the smaller questions and the Celtic cross helps with questions of why did this happen and how do I fix it?

With that being said, there are a few things you should know about how to word your questions so that you get the best possible answer. Questions that are Yes or No are harder for the tarot cards, because the cards like to talk, so phrase your question accordingly. For example if your question is romanced based asked 'If I stay with my boyfriend/girlfriend, how does that situation look?' or 'How does the future of my career look?' or for a life reading, 'How does the path I'm on look?”. Your question begins the reading, while we shuffle the cards to tap into the energy of the situation.

That tarot gives present and future advice and can also tap into the past to show you what brought you to this point. Tarot cards will answer your question in a way that will give you detailed informant on how to move forward or fix the situation that you are in. May you find all of the answers you seek!

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