Keeping your dog comfortable in old age

Published Date 6/8/2012
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Keeping your dog comfortable in old age

It's often said that a dog is man's best friend, which makes handling a pet's passing all the more difficult. Dogs can bring us joy for several years, however, they face the same mortality as humans.

If your dogs have reached their twilight years, you'll want to do everything you can to make sure they're comfortable, happy and still active. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that one way you can do this is by maintaining their cognitive abilities. Don't be afraid to introduce new tricks, toys and games to your aging pets. reports that older dogs have more difficulty regulating their body temperature. To make sure your pets are comfortable, keep them warm with blankets and a bed to sleep in when they're not outdoors. During the winter, you might want to consider buying sweaters for your dogs for when they are on walks.

If you are concerned about how happy your dogs are as they enter their twilight years, you might want to speak to a psychic who specializes in pet communication. A psychic chat can provide you with a deeper understanding of your dogs' feelings.

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