How a Pendulum Works

Published Date 6/22/2012
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A dowsing pendulum is any item hung from a string.

While Tarot is my favorite divination tool, I often use a pendulum in conjunction with my oracle cards. A dowsing pendulum is any item hung from a string. Esoteric stores often sell pendulums made of polished crystal hung with a silver chain.

Every pendulum needs to be cleansed and attuned to answer yes and no questions. Attunement is done by asking the pendulum to show you how it wants to answer yes and no, either in a circle or swinging in a straight line. Once attuned you are ready to ask questions.

How does the pendulum know what to answer?

Think of it this way. Every answer to every question is already known by the Universe. You are a part of the Universe, so essentially you know all the answers to all the questions. Life’s obstacles and struggles create thick noisy fog making the answers hard to see and hear. However, once you quiet your mind and relax, the answers flow into your body and the tiniest nerve endings in your fingers and thumb will subconsciously know the answers and swing in a straight line or a circle.

A couple times a week, practice asking the pendulum questions you already know the answers to; your age, name, height etc.,. Once you find the pendulum doesn't answer those questions correctly, simply cleanse the pendulum in water or salt or sun or moonlit.

Pendulums can be store bought or make with items that have meaning to you.   

by Sandra x8688

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