Communicating with your spirit guide and the other side

Published Date 5/29/2012
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Communicating with your spirit guide and the other side

Throughout life, many people seek additional guidance during difficult situations from otherworldly beings and prayer. While everyone approaches bumps in the road in a different manner, there is always one person guaranteed to be by your side when the going gets tough - your spirit guide. reports that spirit guides are people who once lived but have sinced passed onto the other side. After gaining life experience, they are assigned to living people to help guide them throughout their time on earth.

During psychic readings, a psychic medium may pick up on your spirit guide and use this person as a way to communicate to people in the afterlife. These gifted individuals can be helpful when it comes to connecting with everything otherworldly.

However, it's possible to get in touch with your spirit guide when you're not receiving a reading as well. Intuition is often referred to as spirit guide communication - your gut instinct may be more than just a hunch. Many experts agree that the key to reaching out to those in the afterlife is simply opening yourself up to the possibility of communication.

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monkey2: I have been burned before & am very afraid to beleive in an on-line psychic. How can one possibly know who is genuine?

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