Choosing a Tarot Deck

Published Date 6/12/2012
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What Tarot Deck would you choose?

There must be a thousand different types of Tarot decks with as many different themes. Subjects like hobbits, wizards, vampires or whatever box office hit that's currently in the movie theaters are pictured on Tarot cards. So how do you chose your first Tarot card deck?

1. There is legend that Tarot cards must be stolen in order to truly work. That's nonsense and likely an old story justifying gypsy theft. Do not steal Tarot cards. A deck will likely cost around $20.

2. Watch out for the cheapest decks. I once bought Tarot cards sorely for it's bargain price and ended up with 78 with numbered sticks as the pictures.

3. True Tarot decks have 78 cards. “Oracle” decks such as Angel cards, Wisdom cards, Totem cards have 20 – 100 cards and are not authentically Tarot.

4. When in the store thumb through Tarot books for card pictures that have meaning for you, hold the decks, get a feeling for the cards that want to go home with you.

5. A good first deck is the Rider-Waite Tarot. They've been around since 1910 and have easy to read pictures giving you clues to the card meanings.

Once you feel you are past the 'beginner' stage of learning the Tarot, you will find choosing your next Tarot deck easier and free to expand to themes that speak to you.

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