A Personal Medium Experience

Published Date 8/16/2012
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Indigo shares a personal Medium experience.

Indigo, a gifted Psychic Medium shares a powerful Medium experience, in which she has shared with us. Have you had an experience with a spirit? Share it with us!


I recently had the most amazing Medium experience. I fell asleep the other morning as I normally do. However, I woke up feeling a warm hand on my chest. I heard a deep male voice, telling me that it was ok and I would see my father soon. So at this point, I’m awake and wondering who this is talking to me and touching me. I felt that it has to be someone who knows me, such as family. So, I stayed up for a little while trying to figure out who this spirit was. I could see sparkles of gold light in which my cats were chasing. They were also meowing differently and talking to this spirit as if he was playing with them. (Cats are half in and half out and pick up on spirits around as well). I saw images of this spirit having tattoos, one of which was an anchor on his left arm. He was a military man, very stern but loved by everyone.

So I went back to sleep knowing this spirit was ok and here for me.

Sure enough, the next day I went to get into my car and my rearview mirror had fallen off of the windshield. I laughed about it and called my father for help fixing the issue. “I would see my father soon” he said. I saw my dad that night, and told him about what had happened with the spirit, the personality traits, and tattoo I had picked up on. It was his father, my grandfather! Apparently, from what my father told me he was an animal lover and owned a shed for breeding Chihuahuas. These little dogs had heat and air, running water, and a door to come into and out of at anytime. No wonder my cats followed him around!

I now know where some of my personality traits come from since I have talked with my father. Especially considering I used to rescue stray cats and dogs, clean them up, and find them good homes. Plus, my grandfather never met me in this life, but I can officially say that I did get the chance to know him. It seems he is going to stay around for a while to help protect me, since I don’t have a husband or boyfriend to do so. (I guess my martial arts training isn’t enough for him.) He has also made it known he will push out any negative person that tries to step foot in my door, and offer me wisdom when it’s needed. I say go for it. As long as he continues to fill my apartment with his love, I will never complain. He is welcome as long as he chooses, and I am open to all of the wisdom he is willing to give to me. Namaste!

by Indigo x8897

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