Do Pets Have Spirits in the Afterlife? by Psychic Monica

Published Date 10/16/2014
Under: Loss & Grieving

Your pet's spirit remains with you after they've passed. Have faith and hope.

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The pets we have in our life are just as important as the people that we have loved. When we lose a pet either through illness or accident, the loss is deeply felt. We may have had to put our pet to sleep rather than see them in pain. While this is very hard, it’s the ultimate gift of kindness. 

We wonder if their spirit is still around us and if we will see them again in the afterlife. The answer is simply YES. I’ve had many pets in my life who all passed in some uncontrollable way. I’ve never felt anything more than hope that their spirit was around. 

Several years ago I received a rescue dog, a Sheltie, who was found after a tornado. My vet said she was around 4 years old. When she was a few months shy of her 15th birthday she didn't feel well. She was diagnosed with cancer that had already progressed and didn’t have long to live. She was on pain medication but never acted like she was sick. Six weeks later she fell down and couldn’t get up. I rushed her to my vet and she said that she was bleeding internally and in pain. Of course I didn't want her to be in pain. After she was given a shot, she went peacefully to sleep.

But I had hope…

I always take my iPad to bed with me and check my mail before I go to sleep. The next morning I turned it on and the whole page was a picture of a Sheltie on Craigslist. I was in total shock. I printed the picture just to prove I wasn't dreaming. There was no search history on my iPad. If I had done it, I would’ve had to go to Craigslist (which I never do), search for pets, search in a certain city that I’ve never heard of and search for a Sheltie. I live in a different state so it was unreasonable even if I would’ve wanted to find it.
I was shaking, excited and in awe. I knew immediately that my Sheltie had done this to send me a message that she was still there in spirit. It could’ve been because I was with her when she took her last breath that her spirit was still around me or because of the strong bond we had. This helped me grieve because I knew she was in spirit and wanted me to know she was here for me. 

If you lose a beloved pet, you may not get a sign but rest assured that their spirit is around you and you WILL see them again. 

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