Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of September 26th, 2016

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Pluto can be a private mirror, allowing us to examine our shadows and make repairs. When we harness Pluto energy what emerges is authentic and more easily integrated into our lives. After a five-month retrograde in conservative Capricorn, Pluto stations direct Monday, September 26 (11:01 am). At times, Pluto’s tenure in Capricorn has been challenging. Still, we are better able to trust our instincts as a result of the journey. We’ll carry a new confidence in our love relationships.

Tuesday, September 27, Mars Enters Capricorn (4:07 am). Decisiveness and self-discipline are Capricorn gifts and Mars is passion in action. We may engage the Mars-Capricorn stamina, welcoming its proactive energy as we plow through projects with ease. The determination of Mars in Capricorn for romance is the ability to make and keep commitments, to answer the call of Venus and pick up the pieces.

The Libra New Moon activates the relationship area of the Zodiac, the seventh house. So, during the Libra New Moon (Friday, September 30, 8:11 pm) we may wish to set our intentions to welcome new romantic connections or put the spark back into a current relationship. Expansive Jupiter is conjunct the Moon, expanding possibilities of love and luck. Communication improves under this New Moon, and we can expect to keep the promises we make to ourselves and those we love. Begin your day with a New Moon meditation; pause and focus on new beginnings and Love. This lunar energy adds grace, balance, and fun in everything you do!

Saturday, October 1 begins with a supportive Trine involving the romance planet Venus in mysterious Scorpio and imaginative Neptune in compassionate Pisces; we can better embrace our affirmations, engaging the law of attraction to bring genuine and lasting love into our lives. Check out the Psychic Source articles section for suggestions on ways to create an intimate New Moon ceremony. Or call us anytime; gifted and knowing advisors are always available for you at Psychic Source!

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