Many spiritual paths believe that we do not live but one life on this earth, and instead go through this mortal journey many times, passing our souls and life lessons from one body to another. Your relationships, habits, and fears offer insights into your soul’s journey, and help you to understand if this is your first life on this planet or whether you're an old soul with a wealth of previous experiences. Answer these questions for a look at what your past lives may have contained.

Question 1 of 10

What tastes give you a sense of nostalgia?



Wild game or fresh produce

Rich pastries

I don't have this experience

Question 2 of 10

What environments do you feel drawn to?
(Select one or more)

Natural, green spaces

The ocean

Big cities

Small towns


Question 3 of 10

Which best describes your recurring dreams?

The same general elements, such as being chased, in different settings

The exact same storyline from beginning to end

Snippets of an extremely realistic event that begin and end in the middle of a major event

I don't have recurring dreams

Question 4 of 10

Which elements are you most drawn toward?

Cave paintings, nature-based religions, and stone structures

Monasteries, religious art, gothic architecture

Ships, unfamiliar terrain, old maps

Railways, Victorian architecture, Art Nouveau décor

Art Deco décor, airplanes, jazz

Question 5 of 10

Which issue has been a pattern in your life for as long as you can remember?


Crying for no reason

Troubles with addiction

Difficulty managing money

Making decisions

Personal relationships

Question 6 of 10

Do you excel at any skills despite having minimal training?

Yes, I've been considered a prodigy

Yes, I have skills like cooking or crafts that I pick up quickly

Yes, I am sensitive to energy and can read a room

No, I haven't experienced this

Question 7 of 10

Do you have any strong irrational fears?
(Select one or more)

Fear of authority

Fear of loss

Fear of making strong connections

Fear of making mistakes

Fear of expressing yourself

Question 8 of 10

Do your meditations typically take you to a common place?

Yes, I go somewhere that's known to me in this life

Yes, I go somewhere that feels familiar though I've never been there

No, I don't experience this

No, I don’t meditate

Question 9 of 10

Do you feel inexplicably drawn to other people?

Yes, I'm drawn to a particular type of person, such as those seeking a mentor

Yes, I have a close group of friends that I feel an unexplained closeness to

No, I haven't felt a strong connection with anyone

Question 10 of 10

What experiences create a sense of déjà vu?

Traveling to new places

Meeting new people

Performing regular household tasks

Acting in a leadership position

Getting into a fight

Witnessing the pain or suffering of others (people or animals)


You are

a new


Your past lives are likely fairly recent. You're more likely to have specific memories from these, than to retain more vague, deep-seated habits that would have accumulated over a greater number of lifetimes.

In the past life that's most accessible to you, you likely

(lived in a rural setting/enjoyed a coastal home/lived in a well-established society/were a nomad/traveled often).

Your home was probably

(located near Asia/close to the ocean/near forests or farms/in a thriving town, perhaps on the European continent).

You're drawn toward elements from

(prehistory/the medieval era/the era of exploration/the industrial era/the modern era),

so you may have had major life experiences during this time that are still creating a residual impact on your life today. Though your job title would have changed dramatically with the times, your past experiences were associated with someone

(who was often on the road/who had a social role in their society/who worked in the home, perhaps as a mother/who was in a position of leadership/who saw a lot of conflict/who suffered injustice or persecution.)

(The types of people you're drawn to offer another clue. You tend to draw one kind of person. If you attract students, perhaps you were a teacher or sage. If you draw the sick, you may have been a healer. If you feel your strongest connection to the natural world and animals, you may have been a shaman, priestess or witch)

It's important to understand which feelings or habits have carried over from a past life, rather than from any kind of logical reasoning in your current life. Some of your current issues suggest that you may have

(been harmed by your actions in the past/not finished mourning for a loved one or other loss/lived an unbalanced life/struggled with a lack of self-worth)

before. You may have also

(been discriminated against/suffered major losses/been betrayed/lived a short, incomplete life/suffered persecution).

Recognizing irrational thoughts or actions for what they are, you can often release yourself from unnecessary stressors and focus on the appropriate activities to better balance your life as it is now.

You may get valuable insights for achieving this balance from an experienced medium or psychic who can help you connect with your past lives.