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Tori Spelling's sTORI

Some of you might know that I LOVE to explore new psychics and consider myself a bit of an expert on them. If there were a Zagat that reviewed psychics, I'd keep it on my bedside table for handy access. It's important to me to know that I'm dealing with the "real deal" when it comes to spiritual advice.

I'm proud to represent Psychic Source because I trust their Advisors. It literally feels like I'm chatting with old friends (but way more private!). When it comes to important life issues, I'm only interested in talking to the best of the best, so I appreciate the rigorous screening process the Psychic Source Advisors have to go through. And to be honest, my readings have been SPOT ON--they never cease to amaze me!

Read more about my readings here and try your own to see why I keep coming back.
Hope you enjoy my psychic sTORI as much as I love sharing it!

PS: I really think you should try getting a reading. It’s risk-free so there’s truly nothing to lose. Here’s a link to the new customer offer to get you started.

Tori Spelling.
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Tori Spelling's Psychic sTORIes

Tori gets a reading

Tori Replaces Resolutions with Intentions

As Tori Spelling explains, no matter how successful or not you may be, it's OK to fail as long as you are willing to be held accountable, learn from your mistakes and get back up with a fresh, new start! Read More.

Tori Spelling gets a pet reading with Psychic Sonata x7581

A Look at the New Year - My Reading with Psychic Narnia

As 2017 comes to an end, Tori Spelling started looking ahead to the New Year with a Psychic Chat Reading. Psychic Advisor Narina and Tori covered everything including family, career, hobbies and more. A new book? A new fashion line? A new baby? 2018 is going to be a very busy and exciting year for Tori! Read more.

Tori talks about Kindness and Compassion

Spelling Out The Meaning Of Kindness With Tori

When it comes to being kind, Tori knows no limits! We recently sat down for a chat with her about how she manages to practice compassion on a daily basis, including some of the charities near and dear to her heart. Read More.

Tori Spelling gets a pet reading with Psychic Sonata x7581

Boats, Babies and Birds - My Pet Reading with Psychic Sonata

Tori Spelling loves animals so it only made sense that she get a reading with Sonata, one of our top Pet Psychic Advisors. Find out why Tori said she couldn't believe how accurate her psychic pet reading was and discover what Sonata revealed about their individual personalities! Read more.

Tori gets a reading

Redefining Psychic: Tori Spelling is Setting the Stori Straight

Tori Spelling sets the record straight when it comes to some common misconceptions regarding Psychics. We look back at our first Facebook Live event with Tori & how the word “psychic” has evolved over the years! Read More.

Tori Spelling focus on the family reading with Psychic Moira extension 7776

Focus on the Family - Tori's Reading with Psychic Moira

Shortly after the birth of her son Beau, Tori Spelling enjoyed a reading by Psychic and Astrologer Moira, focused on her new family, along with a look ahead at the year for Tori's career too! Check out all the incredible things Moira sees for the recently expanded Spelling household! Read more.

Tori Beau Naming

Tori's Baby-Naming Rollercoaster

After the recent birth of her son, Tori Spelling began a new chapter in her life. Learn more about her families latest journey in our exclusive interview focused on the naming decision of her son Beau! Read More.

Tori Spelling birthday reading with Psychic Robbin extension 9341

Tori's Birthday Reading with Psychic Robbin

To celebrate her birthday, Tori enjoyed a reading from Psychic Advisor Robbin. They covered everything from exciting career opportunities that lie ahead, a look at each of Tori's five children, as well as her husband Dean, and a visit from a special spirit that was full of encouragement and wisdom! Read more.

Empowerment is Tori's theme for 2017 and it should be yours too

Tori Spelling's Best Kept Parenting Secrets

With five young children, how does career mom Tori Spelling juggle it all? Find out how she stays calm, centered and balanced in our exclusive interview. Discover the important parental advice she receives from the Advisors at Psychic Source. Read More.

Tori Spelling reading with Psychic Serenity extension 9213

My chat reading with Psychic Serenity

In her latest psychic reading, Tori gave chat a try – and loved it. Serenity shared information about her baby on the way, supporting her marriage, and new career opportunities on the horizon – all subjects near and dear to her heart. Read more.

Empowerment is Tori's theme for 2017 and it should be yours too

Tori Spelling Receives 4 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Hear For 2017

Looking back at 2016, Tori Spelling reflects on her encouraging readings from our Psychic Source Advisors. Our psychics had a lot of great advice to share and accurate predictions about her expanding family and career opportunities. Read More.

Tori Spelling Discovering My Angels and Spirit Guides

Tori Spelling: Discovering My Angels and Spirit Guides

In her latest reading, Tori Spelling connected with Psychic Advisor Morgan. The focus was on angels and spirit guides, and the differences between the two. Tori discovered she has three Spirit Guides, but it took a little digging to find the identity of the final guide. A look ahead at 2017 and identifying some of Tori's struggles wrapped up another amazing psychic reading! Read More.

Tori Spelling on Spiritual Connections

5 Eye-Opening Truths Tori Spelling Admits About Spirituality

Ms. Spelling is not shy about her love of psychics. So one would think she must be a super spiritual guru, contacting the other side and praying to her angels and guides daily, right? Not quite. Tori admits that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to the spiritual world and that partnering with Psychic Source has opened her mind and spirit more than she’d imagined... Read more.

Tori Spelling and Psychic Betty

Tori’s Birthday Reading with Betty

Tori’s birthday reading with Betty revealed all sorts of surprises, from exciting new projects, to working in Europe, a new home with lots of animals, and, spoiler alert, another child! Most importantly, however, she gave her the confidence boost to pursue ideas that she had been mulling over, but was sitting on. “Sometimes in life we all know the right thing but we let others influence us and sometimes talk us out of our ideas. Betty reminded me that I need to believe in my ideas and fight for them no matter what. Thank you Betty! I will!” Read More.

Tori Spelling takes baby steps to start her meditation practice

Tori Spelling: The Best Psychic Reading I’ve Ever Had

Tori’s recent reading with Seraphina was beyond anything Tori had ever experienced before. After taking 40 pages of notes, Tori shares the highlights of her life changing reading including an open and insightful look at her family, some great suggestions to improving the energy in her home, several simple, but powerful, ways to improve her health, and some amazing news about the future of her career! “Seraphina opened my eyes in many ways, but most of all she got me to realize I HAVE THE POWER! No one can predict your life if you aren’t willing to manifest the change.” Read more.

Tori Spelling believes in the power of crystals and the energy healing they provide.

Tori Spelling On: Energy Healing And Finding Her Voice Part II

Tori was so excited to talk about chakras, aura cleansing and crystals. Her love of crystals actually started years ago when her brother gave her rose quartz to find the strength to end a past relationship and heal her heart. Learn more.

Tori Spelling takes baby steps to start her meditation practice

Tori Spelling On: Energy Healing And Finding Her Voice Part 1

Tori never ceases to amaze with her honesty. While she’s a very spiritual person and a big fan of Reiki, the star admitted she doesn’t actively meditate and she wasn’t about to pretend just for our interview— “I’ve been shown how to meditate; I’ve been given music to meditate with, I’ve been given a tape to walk me through and I honestly never do it even though it’s the one thing I know would help my life.” Learn more.

Tori Spelling remembers her Father

In March, Psychic Source asked Tori to share with us why she turns to psychic Advisors for professional advice, how she chooses which ones to confide in, and whether or not you should consider the same.

Tori Spelling is the epitome of a multi-tasker. As a mom, wife, actress, writer, and entrepreneur it’s safe to say that it’s nearly impossible for her to find down time. Which is why we were psyched (pun intended) that she was willing to sit down and chat with us about her career readings. Clearly this topic is important to Tori because she stresses that everyone can benefit from psychic career advice. Learn more.

Tori Spelling remembers her Father

We were thrilled when Tori blogged about her reading with Bridgette, a gifted clairvoyant medium who connects with spirit guides to provide accurate predictions and empowering guidance.

Tori Spelling remembers her Father

Psychic Bridgette Connects Tori with Her Late Father

"My reading with Bridgette was not only inspiring but empowering. She opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities in my career. She was very specific about my future career paths and opportunities. She gave me the confidence boost I needed to trust myself and to go for my goals and to finally make them a reality in 2016. She also brought up private correspondence between my late father and myself that no one could have known about. She made me realize he is around me now more than ever. That knowledge was so comforting. She also was so on point regarding my children's personalities. I got off the phone with Bridgette knowing she would from now on be a constant in my life. She was so amazing!"

Tori Spelling, January 2016

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Soulmatejourney: I just want to comment on the negative reviews, I know from my own experience with my advisor from psychic source that if I did not have her guiding me throughout these past five years I would probably still be in an abusive marriage, it was by the grace of god I found this site. I’m separated now but still in the middle of many problems, she guides me always. I also have a man in my life that is my soulmate and is going thru his issues, she helps me see what’s going on there and how to deal with that. My advisor has also guided me and helped me with all the heartache. Where I am now in my life is partially due to PS and the gift of my advisor..she is worth every dollar. Also, please keep in mind everything takes time..you have to wait for things to happen, you don’t get a reading and it magically happens the next day...little things..maybe s phone call you were waiting for can...but not the big things in life, the serious stuff. I am a testament that readings do come true, mine has, it took a while but all the predictions have been coming to fruition. So thank you psychic source I am forever greatful for my advisor and all the help customer service has given me to also get to this point in my journey. Be patient everyone have faith because this is real. And remember you have to connect with the right advisor too, sometimes you just don’t click. Keep searching and you will find them and you will see how helpful they will be. Love and lite:)

Kelly1408: They new personal stuff about me ms Bridgette is very good and accurate i recommend her very impressed

Kracker: Total SCAM!! They make up crap to trll you, giving you enough info to keep you calling back so they can take your money. BOGUS SCAMMERS!

rose7951: For the money they charge....you would think one prediction would come true... Waste of money

smokey88: Is this a gimmick. ? Cause we can't read the rest of the reviews