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Featured Review Jamminj 3/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tomi on the 23rd. I gave her no info and she picked everything up so fast!! For the first time in a month since my son passed i slept thru the night and everyone keeps telling me my smile has returned! What a beautiful amazing gift she has!

victory 1/24/2023 stars Phone Reading

I'm a repeat visitor to The Source and have tried several advisors. Tomi surpassed my expectations. She did not use tools or ask me to breathe, pick a number, or envision 'whatever'. She did NOT describe any mystic stuff like veils or generational gifts passed on or magical cards or near-death experiences. She was direct, to the point, and did not extend the minutes unnecessarily! As you know, time is valuable ($$). Her natural skill was and is appreciated. I look forward to speaking with her again in the future. Tomi, thank you for being genuine.

LovelyLibra 12/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Tomi! It was a pleasure speaking with you today. You have such a calming and relaxed voice. You helped me with my confusion and I will focus and be patient.

Marjuan1996 10/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

Tomi is so compassionate. Her reading style is straightforward, neat, and clean. Tomi is that reader you can sit down with and drink a cup of coffee with and have a causal conversation. I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

Marjuan1996 6/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much. I love you like a Grandmother. Always there and straightforward ! I’m so appreciative for you. Tomi is just that one lady in the church that don’t play with THE LORD ! I’m so happy that we’ve connected ! I can’t wait to speak to you soon.

Grandma 4/15/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for a helpful reading.

Marjuan1996 3/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate you and all the souls that you do help. I appreciate you and your honesty and always going straight to the source. You will always be one of my favorite readers!

Marjuan1996 2/24/2022 stars Phone Reading

Tomi is always sweet and honest. VERY DIRECT ! No sugarcoating ! I love the fact that Tomi is compassionate and she understands ! I’m very appreciative to connect with you and I look forward to talking to you again soon ! With love and light ! Thank you !

Marjuan1996 2/16/2022 stars Phone Reading

TOMI WAS SO ON POINT AND ACCURATE ! I appreciate her tools and she’s VERY DIRECT AND DOSENT PLAY WITH SPIRIT ! I’m so happy that I’ve chosen to connect with her ! She’s a very decent person ! And she will always provide accurate information ! I’m so happy that people like her are here ! Thank you !

Marjuan1996 1/20/2022 stars Phone Reading

Tomi was a direct reader. She told me the truth. She didn’t say anything bad. She said I just have to get going and work really hard!!!!! Thank you and I hope to chat again soon.